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So, why?

”I collect doll, primarily because I have so much joy and passion,” declares a caller to the Home Shopping Network’s Collectors Day program, and continues to say that the dolls remind you of the pretty things in life and that the dolls are always there with you, how ever you feel. The book ”Life Like Dolls: The Collector Doll Phenomenon and the Lives of the Women Who Love Them” written by A.F. Robertson lifts up interesting questions about collecting and the collectors. The growing business making dolls, especially porcelain collectible dolls, is worth billions. Handcrafted and limited editions of these dolls may have a tag of $500 is said to strike a chord in the hearts of all ladies, mostly older ones. The nurseries, as the writer calls it, may grow up to hundreds of dolls.
Every doll has a name, identity and certification. A.F. Robertson writes about the women, their clubs, fairs, visits their homes and does the best to understand why these dolls are so irresistible. And he stirs …

Those tiny dolls?

It is late evening over here and the rain is making some drip-drop sounds on the window. I visited some doll shops and noticed new arrivals. One of these new arrival is a Bebe-Doll, just 14,5 cm (5.7") and I fell totally.
Such a cute and delicate face, with so so adorable details in hands, feet and body. It comes even in twoother, ready to go, full package. And limited editions, of course. I'm glad that there is one ordinary, without limits, to buy. I have her on my wishlist now. 
And of course I started to wonder about good things and not so good things with those tiny ones. The pros, that I can see after playing with my hybrid Disney's Animators' doll with the obitsu-body, is that these tiny ones are easy to have along, they are not so expensive, take a little place and it is easy to make/find props to them.
Polly is my smallest doll, if I do not consider my mini Lalaloopsy. She is fit to come along in my bag, in my pocket and are light to carry around. She poses e…