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Just want to wish you...

...A Happy Easter and A wonderful weekend. We are at our cottage now and the snow surprised us yesterday. It is winter again over here. And more snow are on the way, so this feels so ridiculous. We are hoping for a warm sun and green grass. 
Took the photo of my two Easter/Spring Sonny Angels before the snow arrived.
Enjoy your Easter!

Now it is too much...

It has been a lot to figure out when it comes to all the paper work and after work, after my mother in law's passing. We just have an apartment to clean now and we will do that during the Easter holidays that are coming. Life was slowly getting into normal, as normal as it can be after these things. When we were on our way to Norway the other day for a little day trip, we got some sad news from my husband's cousin. 
My mother-in-law's, Anna's, sister Svea had passed away on 21st March, in the morning. I could not take that in and it broke me totally. I was sobbing and hugging the mobile phone for comfort and saying "no, no, no....". Could not understand.
We continued our trip, but felt like numb lost souls just floating. It was so surreal. We kept contact with my husbands cousin during the trip and he will arrange the funeral and we have promised to assist the way we can, if needed. 
During the evenings I have been cleaning up my Mokashura Duyou doll, Noomi.…