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Two dolls

As often as I can, I check the doll sites that I favor. Lately it has not been so much of that, because I have been at the cottage and at my mother-in-law. I have made som quick visits and found some cuties. The first one that caught my eyes was a Dollmore Catish Girl Doll - kaleidoscopically : Dreaming Reaa, a doll limited to 20 editions world wide (of course, my luck). During my years in this hobby, I have not really been interested in dolls with animal character, but this one just hit me with her beauty. There is something with her soft face, with that orange hair and the sheer that glows from her. So, this little beauty is on my wish list. The next one was not something I wanted when it was released at Dollmore, a Mokashura Boy -Lucid. He is pretty, but I have always had a thing for girl dolls. But my hubby thought he was just beautiful and told me that it would be a good addition to my collection. Well, a surprise there! Did not see that coming. I have been looking, reading and …

Cottage and Dolls

I am at our cottage right now. It is our summer place and there was a time, before the girls went to school, that I stayed here between May and October. Now the girls have their summer vacation and that is when we go here. The place is called Jakobstorp and it is a little village with a magical forest and captivating surroundings. I have been here since 20 years back and have enjoyed it every time, even with the hard fact that the water does not always work, the rough thunderstorms, the wild boars and God knows what the forest keeps for animals. It is also a great place to just take your doll or dolls under your arm and the camera in the other hand, and just walk right out in the forest. But better watch out for hidden ponds under thick moss, roots to trip over and those silent wild boars that can look like a stone in the middle of the fields. There is a lake nearby too and it is perfect for swims in the morning, evening, after hard work in the garden or at late night just for fun. I…