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Summer thoughts

While sitting in the sun or in the shadow, in our garden, I have been thinking about dolls. Well, when do I not think about dolls? I have even been walking around in the forest just to find some places to have a photoshoot of my dollies. Then I have been surfing the net too. Since I had some thoughts about getting a doll with some different look, but still a doll matching my crew, some water has run under the bridge. A lot of water. I still have that dream, but as usually I have added on. 
One of my friends took a trip with her daughter to Helsinki and Kilala. They came home with a cute Pullip doll and since then, after seeing her photos, I badly want one. And as usually, my hubby asked how these kinds of dolls will suit my crew, because they look so different. I had really no answer to that, more than "I want one!" Haha, we got a good laugh about that. 
I told him later on that these dolls are different, but in a good way - as Blythe. I mostly want a "Make it own kit&…

Some projects!

It has been almost a month since our summer vacation started. So far, so good - it has been a lovely summer. Still have several weeks left to enjoy.
On the hottest day this summer, with +32°C and no breeze I decided to start a little project, that made me all sweaty and frustrated. Needed a little hand fan to keep me cool. And the projects are still going on. One is my Monster High doll Gooliope Jellington and the other one is my Ever After High doll Raven. They have their own stories and one day I will share these.