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Say hellou to Maeve

While visiting my mother in law and having a good time at the cottage and at her place, we even did some grocery shopping for her. Nearby there is a big store called Coop, that sell not just food but even other things for you home, for you (make up, clothes, shoes, sport articles, books) and toys. 
My inner child screams every time I pass by the toy section and does not calm down before I have been checking it out. And this time it ended with a new friend coming along.
My second Barbie. A curvy fashionistas. With blue hair and a beautiful smile. Could not just leave her there. When I came home the youngest daughter said: ”Oh, wow you found her!” Some weeks ago I showed her the fashionistas and we talked a bit about them. She thought that it was a great idea with different sizes, colors and styles. I showed her my favorites and this one was one of them.

The oldest daughter said: ”So, are you going to rip of her hair and clean her face and make her all-new-something-else?” I looked at …

Happy Easter!

I am sitting in my mother in law’s living room after our dinner. Yesterday’s sunshine and blue skies are far far away and the snow decided to make it winterly again. But that is typical for our parts here in the Scandinavium. But soon it will be May and all will change to sunshine and warm breeze. 

Our trip to south Sweden went well. We have been at our cottage too, on a rainy day, but it was nice to just breathe. I had one of my dolls along, Animators’ Merida, the tiny one. I made her a long sleeved t-shirt out of leftover fabrics. I made this just so that I could take some photos of her by the Baltic Sea, nearby mother in law. She will get some newer and better clothes later on, the pants she has borrowed from one of my daughter’s Bratz dolls. They were perfect. I have thought that I should change her name to Polly, but I am not sure yet. She feels like a Polly. 

I had some thoughts about her stiff body, so I ordered an Obitsy 11 from Kilala. Oh my, have I not waited. I had plans t…