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Sometimes I go through my photos or apps, that I have on my smartphone. From time to time I can combine a photo with an app and the result can be rather amusing - or a total disaster. Nevertheless, it is a nice way to keep your mind focused and just relax. 
A photo of Noomi, taken almost a year ago, and some comics (effects, words, bubbles...) ended up as a little part of a non existing story. A photo can change and become something new - this one turned from a relaxing summer day to a superhero who have had enough and wanted to do something else. Like just wanting to doll...
Hope that you are enjoying the new week!

Welcome Suvi

(Like a crazy stalker) I did a good job following the package from Germany, to Sweden through small towns and to my own door. The postman rang ones and I opened the door fast. I could see on his face that here is someone who really wants her package. He wished me much joy and a happy day.

On light feet I walked up stairs and found the smallest scissors (where are my other scissors?) to open the package. She was finally home and what a cutie.
Blue, sweet, tiny and totally different that I thought her body would be. I am amazed by the body, it is as we say ”robust”. You could say solid - in a very good way. Her joints and extra hands work fine and there is nothing to complain about.
More than one thing. She is darn cute and I am hooked. There where a time, when I said that I will just have one doll (Esther), but that did not end well. Then came Monster High, Ever After High, Barbie and now an Azone PureNeemo. So, she needs a friend. Husband said that she will get a friend or even frien…