Monday, May 22, 2017


Sometimes I go through my photos or apps, that I have on my smartphone. From time to time I can combine a photo with an app and the result can be rather amusing - or a total disaster. Nevertheless, it is a nice way to keep your mind focused and just relax. 

A photo of Noomi, taken almost a year ago, and some comics (effects, words, bubbles...) ended up as a little part of a non existing story. A photo can change and become something new - this one turned from a relaxing summer day to a superhero who have had enough and wanted to do something else. Like just wanting to doll...

Hope that you are enjoying the new week! 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Welcome Suvi

Hellou, I am new here! Suvi is my name!
(Like a crazy stalker) I did a good job following the package from Germany, to Sweden through small towns and to my own door. The postman rang ones and I opened the door fast. I could see on his face that here is someone who really wants her package. He wished me much joy and a happy day.

Opening the package. Very important and very cute.
Top of the box, her extra hands and shoes, hair clip and finally out of the box.

On light feet I walked up stairs and found the smallest scissors (where are my other scissors?) to open the package. She was finally home and what a cutie.

Blue, sweet, tiny and totally different that I thought her body would be. I am amazed by the body, it is as we say ”robust”. You could say solid - in a very good way. Her joints and extra hands work fine and there is nothing to complain about.

More than one thing. She is darn cute and I am hooked. There where a time, when I said that I will just have one doll (Esther), but that did not end well. Then came Monster High, Ever After High, Barbie and now an Azone PureNeemo. So, she needs a friend. Husband said that she will get a friend or even friends, but please, stay put for some days at least. Of course, I said, and some seconds later I showed him some more PureNeemo’s. He could not stop laughing. 

This is a nice place. Fun to be here!
This Sahra’s a la Mode - Twinkle a la Mode - Aquamarine Alisa is something he picked up as his favorite when I showed him some dolls from Azone International, for a long time ago. He said that all were cute and nice looking, but this was his favorite. Yay, and mine. The theme for this series is the sparkle of gems and stars, as said on the details for this doll. Shining moon, twinkling stars, pure aquamarine and calm as the sea. 

Sunshine on her mind!
When I tested her other hands I suddenly missed one of the cuffs and thought that it would be just typical to lose one of these tiny parts. I looked in the bed, where I sat, under the bed, among the package…it was nowhere….until I saw something blue sticking out under her arm, high up in her armpit. ”Oh, you!” was what I said. Mischievous one, no calm as the sea here. Haha!

Suvi and her fishy friend McLovin.

Shall I play something?
She will fit right in here. And her name? Suvi Manner. Suvi is summer and Manner is mainland, in Finnish.