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Just a little mixed post

Halloween is long gone and there are just a couple of weeks left of November. Time is really going by fast. Said to my husband today, that it was not so long ago it was summer and now it is dark, cold and snow in the air. The last weeks have been rather busy - family, work, school and other appointments. Or as I say, "too much monkey business".
And that is why it was such a joy to receive a wonderful parcel from Alasse. It was filled with so much cute things - it really felt good to just explore this parcel and enjoy the things I found. So, thank you! Just to pick some of the things in the box - a tiniest tiny Merida doll, a chair for a doll, candy, some clothes for my Pure Neemos, pens and erasers (cute as can be) and two Monster High Dolls to practice face ups on. A great idea and generous too!
And today, on the 19th November, it is the #proBJDArtists and I took a photo of my "new" star. Well, just the head is new - a Dollmore Zihu. More about her later on, in a…