A Limited Edition from 2001. She is a 100 year celebration of Beatrix Potter's tale about Peter Rabbit. She is such a doll, kind and loving. She wants to help and be there for everyone. That may make her a bit exhausted when the day is over, but she is happy about her role in this world. She listens to the name Bonnie.

A curvy fashionista. With blue-black hair. A kind smiling face with dimples. And some attitude. Loves the ocean. The warm sand between her toes. The sound of the waves and wind. Enjoys a good book, a hot cup of black coffee and some strange movies that makes your heart jump several times. She is always on the run and can be a bit clumsy and forget things, but that makes her just the girl she is. Her name is Maeve.

A Made to Move Barbie, a lovely gift from Alasse. Her name is Csilla and she is a dreamer. Likes the simple things in life and everything is easier and more fun with music. She teaches kids to play guitar and dreams about a trip to Rome. Chocolate is the best and a evening at home, with the friends makes her happy. She often watches the latest soccer game.