These are my dolls, all three from Dollmore. Two are a Narsha doll - one Basic Sleepy - repaint and modding by me - first try, don't laugh 。◕‿◕。 and one Trouble Max LE. The third doll is a Mokashura, Girl Duyou.

I ordered my first doll, Esther, in the end of January 2011. It took a very long time, as I felt it, for her to arrive. And when she finally arrived in late March, it was a joy. It was like a birthday, Christmas and party at the same time. Esther can feel like she is shy, but when you learn to know her - she is funny and can make you giggle. She got her name from the Bible, as in the Jewish Queen. She is a blend between Finnish and Swedish, spiced with cinnamon. She's human but has an angelic personality. She enjoys the nature and likes dragons and lizards. And spicy food! 
My second doll, Zipporah, arrived a year after my first doll. Zipporah is a normal girl, but she has a rougher attitude at some points. She is brave and have no limits in trying new things. Her name is from the Bible, too, based on the wife of Moses and even one of the seven daughters of Jethro. She was born in the early morning by the edge of the desert and has some tiny pieces of Finnish and Swedish in her blood. But mostly she relates to the magical Marrakech and she is the Daughter of the Desert. She loves to read and learn. Chicken and kebab is her favorites and she likes cats and raccoons.
The third doll, Noomi, I ordered in the beginning of September 2014 and she arrived in the end of that year. She is an ordinary girl who wants to be active and enjoys her time out doors. She is talkative and has lots to tell. Her names is a Swedish version of the Biblical character Naomi and she is a mix of Finnish, Swedish and Arctic Bramble, born in the sunset in the Northern landscape. She is a human, but have heard that there can be a Nordic Goddess, Eir in her family. Ice tea and meatballs go down easy and she likes owls and octopuses.