Bonnie looked over the field, gazing to the far end, in the sun. The wind was hard, even on this summer evening. She could see the horse, her father and her boyfriend on their way home. They looked like tiny shadows, getting closer and closer. She heard the windmill, breathed in the fresh air and felt a tiny bit of jealousy of them who lived in the city. She would give almost anything to stay in the city more than a couple of days, while visiting Csilla. But her family had chosen this way of life, on the country side, in an old fashioned way.

Bonnie is kind and loving. She wants to help and be there for everyone. That may make her a bit exhausted when the day is over, but she is happy about her role in this world. At the same time she dreams about something more, an education as a nurse, working and living in the city. Slowly she is taking every step she can to make that happen.

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