Blythe Loves Littlest Petshop is now Button. She is an ordinary girl with a lot of love for the simple things in life like friendship, nature and a good book. She enjoys a good talk but she even enjoys the silence between two good friends. Great minds think alike is something she says.

She was a Bratz Kidz Cloe but today she is a Anime Girl, happy and perky. Her name is Matsumiya. She does not like to be called anything else. This impetuous, cute girl with a talent for programming comes from a few towns over and lives with an aunt on a ship.

A tiny little Lalaloopsy found her way home, to me and my other dolls, at a super market. Along the other groceries she sat quietly and wondered where she was going. Today she is a sugar sweet girl, who likes to sit along with Button. They are both tiny and like each other.