Sahra’s a la Mode - Twinkle a la Mode - Aquamarine Alisa

A happy girl, with sunshine on her mind and some simple tones from the guitar. Music soothes her mind and she enjoys the open nature. She often paints and writes, mostly short stories. She is active in her school's class council and does what ever she can for a better school. She is very good in languages and hopes to travel a lot in her future work, even if she has not really decided if it will be art or politics. Her name is Suvi Manner and she has a fishy friend, McLovin.

Sahra’s a la Mode - Meow x Meow - Russian Blue Alisa

Playful. Strong. Intelligent and curious. That is Kielo (Lily of the valley) Salmi (strait). New places can be a bit dangerous in her mind and she is easily startled. But if you bond with her, you have a friend for life. Ain't Suvi happy, because these two found each other almost right away. She loves routines and are not so keen on sudden changes. She likes her bed and lazy days, Suvi's fishy friend (yummy lunch - better keep that fish safe). The best thing is silence, so - shhhh!