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A new dress

I had plans to make a dress for Apple White, my Ever After High doll, but that did not go as planned. I sat at my workstation and listened to the neighbor’s gardening and felt the scent from the newly mowed grass. I started to measure, cut and sew.

”What is that crazy lady doing?”

I could almost see the expressions on the drivers faces, while they passed by the lake Ramsjön and saw me holding up a doll, taking photos, changing to another doll and taking more photos.
But it was a perfect day for a small road trip with three dolls and husband. The late evening before that road trip, I changed their clothes and wigs, getting all sweaty because it was so hot, humid and no breeze at all - even with open windows. The next day, around midday I put the dolls in a grocery shopping bag (so, so sorry - do not own a doll bag or a basket yet) and went outdoors. The thought of having three ball jointed dolls for a big amount of money in a grocery shopping bag made me smile. What would people say?
We have several small places with lakes, forest and paths that are nice to walk and stay at. And when the weather is perfect, as it was that day, you just need to take a trip. It was nice to stand there, in the sun feeling the soft breeze from the lake and hearing the birds sing. I…

Outside the comfort zone

I have my comfort zone when it comes to most things in life. It becomes a problem when I want to do something adventurous in my life. I have a inner me, who really wants to explore and maybe even put myself into some kind of danger. Well, not so much of danger that something bad will happen, but to test my own boundaries and experience something new. But it always end up with me, myself and I finding a place in the most comfy place in the comfort zone and being happy about it.
This thought about comfort zones put into the hobby, ball jointed dolls - do you have a comfort zone when it comes to dolls? When I sit here at my workplace and look at the dolls I have, they all have the girly softness. Round cheeks, cute lips, sparkling eyes, soft face lines, juvenile bodies and everything goes in pastel colors. And there is nothing that - Boom - breaks the soft line of dolls. No dolls with fangs, big ears, tails, animal face, a chubby fairy or one with many legs. 
I would love to change that…