Project: Let's bake!

I was wandering around on Pinterest and Youtube for some days ago and found some cute tutorials and pictures of donuts, made for jewelry. I thought that the size is a perfect fit for dolls, mostly Barbie, Monster High and similar. I had some Fimo clay at home, in brown and some pastel colors that would work for the donut and the frosting. Even if the brown is rather dark, it can work as a chocolate donut with frosting.

Used my brush tip smoothen the shapes.
The process is no rocket science, I made some tiny balls of the brown one and then I made a hole with a suitable brush tip. After that I made the edges a bit smoother and baked the donuts in the oven at 130°C and for about 8 minutes.

While the donuts cooled off, I started to pick out colors for the frosting and used my fingers to make it as flat as I could. Too tiny for a rolling pin. After placing the frosting, some brushes of liquid Fimo clay and decorations on top it was time to bake again. Same degree, but not for so long time as the donuts. I think I had them in the oven for approximately 5 minutes. Total amount of time for these tiny things should not get above 15 minutes. I want to make it more between 10-12 minutes in total. But it all depends on the oven and size of the thing you want to bake.

Made a little paper box too, for the donuts.
This was a fun and easy project for those sunny (or even rainy) Sunday afternoons. The level is easy and you can make as many as you want. Time and effort are small. 

And here comes some more edited slightly blurry pictures! The daylight over here is more like a empty paper bag during night time. Especially winter time.

Tea party! Thanks to Alasse for the tiny pots, cups and plates.

Vera, my OOAK Cyclops, is showing you one of her favourites.

Vera is one project I had during January. She was fun to mod, paint and make. 

A yummy donut!

But wait...who is this?

Ah, it is wild Sage. She seems to have a favourite too. The same one as Vera. 

Tea party over and what a mess.
Have a wonderful new week!

Say hello to Aliisa

I am in a progress of giving my Monster High dolls a make over. Going through the bunch I have to see who needs a new repaint and who need a face up in general. I have had this Draculaura that Alasse sent me for a while ago. Had plans for her to look like a walking add for Harajuku Fashion, but it really did not suit her. Then I thought she would be a candy dream (details with candy made from clay and so on), but that sounded too sweet. Well, she is my sleepy head, all in pink. Meet Aliisa.

Before. Just with a wig from Alasse.

Some glitter to make her sparkle.

Borrowing some glasses from another monster.

Such a sleepy head.

So vain.
Her name is a Finnish version of Alice that comes from the Old French name Aalis, a short form of Adelais, itself a short form of the Germanic name Adalheidis. Alice became popular in France and England in the 12th century. It was borne by the heroine of Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' (1865) and 'Through the Looking Glass' (1871).

Pouty lips. I think I am bothering her with this photo shoot.

Borrowing some shoes from a monster. Or maybe she just took these...

Cold outside!

Made the flower crown out of mini roses and pipe cleaners. 

I really like how she turned out. Wanted to try something 'new' for me, a doll with closed eyes. 

Fancy sitting.

Behind the scenes - at my 'office', as we say here at home. And by the way, the greenish book is my bullet journal!

And some weather news. Snow and cold.  We had -14°C just the other day and today we got some snow. It is beautiful to see the snowflakes fall and when the sun shines it is like Winter Wonderland. But then when it gets warmer and get so slushy, it is no fun no more. 

Our street, a view out from the kitchen.

Frosty window. Had it open for a while and the warm air indoors got to meet the cold air outdoors.

Enjoy your new week and hopefully your new year have started well!

Happy 2019!

Just buzzing by to wish you a Happy New Year and may it bring the best to you. Happiness, success, plenty of time for dolls and your other hobbies, time to enjoy a good book, a lovely movie or just time to chill for a while if life feels hectic. 

2018 has gone by fast. A feeling we do have almost every single time the new year is around the corner. I can not believe that the last day of the year 2018 is here. It does not feel that it was so long ago it was January, lots of  snow and we were struggling with our life's downs. It was not so long ago it was a hot summer with company from Portugal, visiting us at our cottage. And it sure was not long ago the first Autumn leaves fell.
A mini Kuu Kuu Harajuku doll, G (Gwen Stefani, you know...). And a tea ware. 

Some wonderful stuff. Look at the tiny Nutella. PS: Rose (Monster High doll of mine) just wanted to pose.
And with this last post for 2018, I want to share with you some gifts I got from AlasseCarnesir (Thank you!) The pictures just show some of the goodies I got. So many nice things and even a couple of wigs, too. 
Sage, from Disney Star Darlings.
Then I want you to say hello to Sage. She is a doll from the Disney Star Darlings Collection. She has beautiful eyes that are not painted and her hair is so purple and soft. Her body was no fun at all. Stiff, even with the joints in the knees and elbows. It was so sad and in a way annoying to see, so I switched the body to a Ever After High doll's. Was not pleased with the face up on the Briar Beauty, anyway. So why not use the body on a other doll? Did the same to my birthday gift from the girls, the Ariel doll. She was almost not bendable at all. More about these two someday in 2019. And Hopefully other dolly news. And a room for Csilla. Not forgotten.

During the most part of the Autumn and beginning of the winter, I have been focused on reading books and painting. Sometimes both at the same time - audio books and painting. So relaxing. Then I have skipped some social media places and opened up a blog for just photos. It is in the "startgroparna" as we say in Swedish - in the starting pit. Have some photos up there and more will come. Take a peek at Snippets and Trinkets.  You may recognize some photos, but there will be new ones too, soon enough.

Happy New Year!

Project: Doll body

Gaah, did not really know what I was thinking when the idea of making a jointed body for my Narsha (Esther) head entered my mind. I bought some nice clay and searched for my tools, so that I could work with it. This was a great plan, until it was time to start.

I searched the world wide web for tips and tricks, almost loosing my mind. For a while the clay and the tools lived in a bag, in total darkness. I felt that I was not ready at all. But, we have a saying: ”Ta tjuren i hornen” - take the bull by its horns. It really means that you take on a problem, and just make it work. Even if you do not want. Even I wanted to…such a dilemma.

It was a fun project, when I started. The clay was nice to work with and even with the struggle of making hands and feet, I enjoyed it and have plans to make a new and improved one later on. This was a learning trip. When it comes to the body, I made an upper torso, lower arms, legs from the knee and down. The joints is made by tree pearls. The lower torso, upper arms and legs above knee I made in fabric and filled those with rice, mostly the lower torso - for steadiness. I could not manage to make a lower torso with the clay, for some reason. It was hard to get the thighs to match the joints, so I gave up and will try again next time.

I painted the dried clay in a skin color with acrylic paint. Made some freckles too. Painted the feet, well more shoes, in pink and brown, stringed the body, put the head in place and thought ”oh my” and laughed. Made some clothes and pimped them with pearls and other tiny things.

The wig is made in yarn, glued on a head cap that I made from thin socks (nylon). Worked nicely, but turned out too thick. Another lesson learned. The eyes are tiny pearls, painted in brown acrylics. Now Esther has a body. A bit funny looking one, but anyway…she is all made from recycled materials when it comes to the fabric parts of the body, clothes and hair.

Some of the photos are a bit blurry. These photos I took just to send to my hubby, so he could see the progress. The photos are taken during late evenings and with no thought of making the best of it. But these are the ones I had, because of crashing phones and photos lost...Wanted to share them with you, even if blurry.

Enjoy the weekend ahead!

Pumpkin and the Piggies

It was just an ordinary day before Halloween at the Piggies home. The colder days had arrived and there was some chilly winds blowing over the fields around their home. The city lights gave the sky a different color and in the silence of the countryside you could hear the noises from the life in the city. On this day Mrs Piggie came home from the market and had something along. Mr Piggie did not like this huge thing with a face. He was scared. So scared, that he did not realize that Mrs Piggie had a t-shirt with a pumpkin on.

Like the pig he is, he let his voice do the saying. This loud squeal, a high-pitched whine, could wake  the whole neighborhood up. Mrs Piggie wanted Mr Piggie to calm down and just start to decorate and change some small things in the room.

After a while, when Mr Piggie had acquainted with the pumpkin, he helped Mrs Piggie to decorate and move around some of the furniture. He did not know why, but hoped it would be good in the end.

Later in the evening they both sat in the living room. The radio was playing some soft songs and the festive sounds from the city slowly lingered over the fields. They talked about Halloween and their thoughts about this holiday. There were other things more fun - like eating candy! It was then Mr Piggie pointed at the t-shirt that Mrs Piggie had on and said: "Do not know which pumpkin is scarier!" He laughed and went to pick up some candy.

The late evening turned into a late night for the Piggies, with candy, talking and soft songs.

Happy Halloween!