Thursday, June 23, 2022

Review: Rainbow High Dolls

So, I am here. It has been a busy month since last time I posted. More about that in my next post, that I hope you do not have to wait for, too long. 

River Kendall and Sunny Madison.

This post will be about my thoughts on Rainbow High Dolls. Got a tip from Xanadu to write about Rainbow High Dolls, so here we go! Thank you for the tip!

These dolls are a fashion doll released by the American toy company MGA Entertainment in 2020. They had a another brand that was called Poopsie Slime Surprise that were released in 2019 and these dolls are a spin-off from those toys. There are even an audiovisual web series of these dolls as computer animated characters. The thought of these series on the web are that even if the dolls come to life, the message is poor. It focuses just on shallow things as popularity, how many views/likes the dolls has in social media and most of the time the dolls are focusing on their looks. Can not say if this is true, because I have not seen the series on the web or on Netflix.

In the first set they released six dolls in the colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple - as the rainbow. From that line I have the yellow doll, Sunny Madison. From the second line I have the boy, in teal, named River Kendall. To this day the company have released another boy in a more pinkish shades, Finn Rosado, a surf boy and a doll in grey scale - Ash Silverstone. He is from the rival side to the colorful dolls. The girls have been released in all kinds of colors - representing the colors of the rainbow in every shade. And the latest is these dolls in a grey scale, which I think is an amazing thing. 

MGA Entertainment released the first Shadow High doll collection in April this year.

These dolls come even in winter, sport, slumber party, rockstars and cheerleading versions - just to mention some. The dolls are 11 inches and have rather good movable joints and come with an extra set of an outfit and shoes. You can mix and match these outfits with the other dolls in the series and some even match smaller sized Barbies. Do not know if the clothes can fit to the jointed L.O.L dolls.

Sunny and River in our garden by the cottage, late April.

Leaf to rake or let the nature enjoy them.

On a walk in the beginning of June.

The dolls I picked, River and Sunny, is the two that at this moment appealed to me. Yellow is a nice color and the teal boy was the first in the collection, so why not. What kind of personalities these dolls have, I really do not know and in a way I do not want to know either, because it is more fun to give them something that I came up with. 

Bentley being bored in the background. 

These dolls cost around 20 USD up to 50 USD, depending on series, extra clothes, special versions and so on. Have seen dolls that go up to 70 USD here in Sweden. That I think is a bit too much even for those special ones. The girls have almost the same face mold and it is pretty from the front, but from the side it looks rather flat. The face paint is different on every doll and that can make a big difference to the looks.

River Kendall from the side.
And Bentley with his favorite ball. 

Sunny Madison from the side. Found her other ear ring, by the way.
It was among my pencils at my work table. Do not know how it ended
up there.

Both dolls from the front. 

River Kendall came in blue jeans, a t-shirt, a hoodie, a cap and a faux shirt around his hips. He has a pair of sneakers. His other set there is shorts, a pair of different sneakers, a west, socks and a jacket that could work for those windy and rainy days. Sunny came with a sparkling light yellow dress, high socks, funny looking shoes (as in the pictures above), a top, jeans, two different jackets. Both sets come with hangers, combs and a stand. The newer dolls have even other accessories like bags, barrettes and surfing boards.

Being made in cheaper material, even if it is high quality har plastic, there is marks on the feet.
It would have been rather fun with jointed feet for the girl.

Nice knee joints. Not so bendable. 

River Kendalls jeans and t-shirt.

Both dolls are well articulated, for a doll of this kind. It is nothing compared to a BJD or a MTM Barbie. There is some more work to do. The girls have even mobility in the hips and the boys do not. The boys have jointed ankles though. The girl dolls could have jointed ankles and maybe you could even change feet from high heel to flat and be more versatile that way when it comes to clothing and shoes. It is easy to dress the boy because you can remove the feet. Both dolls can remove the hands even if it can take some effort from your side. The hair is made of nylon and very soft. The boys hair needs some help, it is messy in the back but the cap is hiding the most of it. 

These Rainbow High dolls are pretty and you can get one for a rather affordable price. The special versions may cost more, but hopefully the extras pay up for that. I do like these dolls for the big eyes, the face (from the front, not the side so much) and you can come a long way with these one as a collector or even as a first doll. They have a rather nice range of motion, but if you are more into MTM Barbies or BJD this is not the way to go. I love that the dolls come with extra outfits and shoes, so you can change the clothes. It is difficult to make Rainbow High dolls sit on a regular chair or even on something flat. They tip backwards. 

It is a nice doll, but it could get a bit better with the things I mentioned above. I probably will buy another one or maybe even two more - The Shadow Highs look great. What do you think about these dolls?