Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is getting very close now and the year 2020, that I thought would be different to what it has been is soon over. I really do not know what to think about this year, but I hope that the next one will be so much better and that the vaccine that is out there will help. Sweden will get the first vaccine after Christmas holidays, but before New Year.

During the quarantine I have been studying, watching movies and series, taken up my crocheting again and trying my best not to go insane. Glad that I can still take a long walk with Bentley and enjoy the nature, even if it has been rainy, foggy and slippery with the leaves. We got some snow the other week but nothing else.

Sindy with protection over the eyes

I bought her from Lucia the Cat on Etsy.

I have even been at Tradera, a Swedish eBay-kind of thing. Had my eyes on some dolls, saved them as favourites and started to plan my biding. Well, as I said to my husband afterwards...this is not my kind of thing, to bid. I wanted to bid on a vintage Sindy doll. Back to basics felt like a good thought and it started well on several of the dolls but when someone starts to bid over her/himself, it just gets crazy and over priced. So I took my wallet to Etsy and found a vintage Sindy doll for half of the price the bidding went up to, even including packing and postage. I was so happy and two weeks later I had my Sindy.

Sindy in her top.

Mai in her Christmassy top

She is a 1984 Beach Party Sindy with new clothes, a purple top and white shorts. And totally cute, of course. I crocheted her a top using patterns from Octopudding and her YouTube. Used the same pattern for Mai, just thicker yarn and a larger crocheting hook. Worked wonders. Did one bolero with the same thought in mind for Esther.

Esther in her bolero type of cardigan.

A blurry photo of Joshua getting the Christmas tree ready.

Got home some Christmas things the other day and one is a 'ugly' shirt for a bottle and Joshua got that one. He looks so adorable in it. 

Joshua wishes you Happy Holidays!

Otherwise we are looking forward to our little Christmas with the family - just the five of us. Husband, daughters, dog and I. I wish you A Merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

So much yellow

She did arrive fast. According to the tracking information, she was planned to arrive on my door step for a week ago, on Tuesday. She arrived the week before, on Friday. I do not complain, but I sure was surprised and glad!

And she is yellow, so so yellow. And pretty! Even my husband was surprised over the bright color and that she was so well made. He did not have any high hopes for this plastic thingy, but when he saw the doll he agreed that she was a good buy and well made.

And as you can see, something happened to her bangs. Her hair is very soft and long. I did not like the bangs, all flat and stiff. After a magic wash, the bangs still gave me nightmares. So, off with the bangs. I could nicely just pull them off with tweezers. The bangs were separately rooted in her head, so her long hair was never damaged or pulled away, which is great. 

The box is beautiful, with details and nice boxes to save for the second outfit and shoes. But there was some trouble getting those outfits, shoes and doll out because of the very secure glue and tiny rubber bands. Tried to save as many as I could when it came to the rubber bands, but that was no easy task. Her jacket, with the sun and the moon in the back are just amazing. 

I took out some other dolls I had and undressed them to take a comparison picture, just for fun. First to the left we have Ariel with an Ever After High body, then it is the new girl in town followed by curvy made to move Barbie and a normal made to move Barbie. As you can see, Rainbow High dolls have a lot of joints. The head is more stiff, though. 

I am very pleased with her, even if her head just goes from side to side and that she can not look up or done, even the slightest. Her joints are lovely and she can pose nicely - but when she sits with her tight yellow jeans on...the velcro does not hold. Had to laugh there. Another thing - lost one of her earrings. I know that it is somewhere around my little home office, but I still have not found it even if I crawled like a baby on the floor. If I do not find it, I can always make her some new ones.

Hope you are enjoying the last week in October! Happy Halloween!