Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Goals and hopes

Fayanna in a tea cup.
Used the app Artbot.
This new year is only 4 days old. Or maybe I should say young. Every time a new year comes, one have hopes and dreams. You make goals and you have the intention to really make them this time. Last year was a little wishy-washy when it came to my goals, that I never put down in writing. This time I want to keep my goals simple.

When I went to my counselor, we often talked about art, exhibitions and how much I missed painting and what it made me feel. I have always enjoyed to paint and even to look at art. So one goal is to start to paint again - it can be art journaling, bible journaling, doodle in the margins or make a painting in any size. And keep it going.

Cross stitching, crocheting, knitting and making tiny clothes for my dollies. If so, just something simple. 

Books! I could swallow a book a day in my younger days. No matter the amount of pages. So, to start reading again, if so in baby steps. My concentration is totally a mess and I need to remind myself to focus.

Being a bit better to post on the different sites, mostly Flickr. And learn new tricks to take different kind of photos.

Bonding with the dolls I have some issues with, mostly MH/EAH. If bonding does not work, just let the doll go. And at the same time feel that it is okay.


  1. I would highly recommend an art journal. I have one and I've found it to be fantastic and therapeutic. I use mine sometimes to express how I feel about things and I've found it's been really good with that, kind of like getting things off your chest.

    I love books. In fact, I have an order of about 8 books on their way to me from

    I've really missed losing myself in the worlds of the stories I read and I've been doing a lot more of that lately myself. I hope you will be able to lose yourself in books again too. Start with something you really want to read, a particular genre that calls to you.

    I hope you will be able to meet all your goals.

    1. When I was younger, I often wrote in my diary and had photos, stickers and articles to decorate with. After a while that turned into just writing and maybe some doodle, and then it just felt I stopped. Some quotes and sayings can be a good way to start and in that way getting things off my chest.

      I have a lot of books of all kinds of genre. Mostly 'murders' and spooky things, as I just love to scare myself :D Reading and just forgetting the world outside is a perfect feeling, I really miss that. Maybe a shorter one is a good way to start too.

      I hope so too, did not want to push too much, but at the same time I did not want to put the bar too low. Need something to work with.

  2. Those are some great goals. It's always good to put them in writing so you don't lose focus.

    I want to do more art this year too, as well as to read more. I love reading but I didn't do it too much last year. What kind of books do you like?

    As for photography, I love the angles you take, they always seem very original to me! Practice makes perfect so just keep doing what you do~ You can also search on the internet for cool tips and effects!

    As for bonding, I don't think i've ever truly bonded with a doll. Maybe because they are hidden most of the time or because I don't really get too close to any material goods, but even in my case is always good to be sure you are enjoying the dolls you have, being through a bond or something else. A change of style or making something for the doll could help you! And if not, it's not a crime to let a doll go or even replace it with another one.

    Good luck with your goals, I'm sure you will do some great things~

    1. Thanks! I thought so too, better to have them in writing and out there so that I can keep my focus.

      Art and reading are good for ones soul and mind. I read a lot before, not just for the studies or in work, but even in my free time. I mostly like a good mystery - murder, historical happenings or something strange. The books that stuck and keeps my mind occupied a long time afterwards. One is Stephen King’s „Hearts in Atlantis“ and Conn Iggulden’s „The Gates of Rome“.

      Good tip - to search the internet. I read an article about simple tricks just using colored plastics or glass. You can come a long way with simple things. And thanks for thinking that my photos are original. :)

      I have my dolls out of the boxes for the most of the time, when it comes to BJD. My MH/EAH dolls sit around på disk and some of them just do not get the attention they need. In some way it feels „bad“ to let go, sell or give away a doll. I bought the doll because I wanted her…then, it just feels not right. Well, I will give my cuties a change during this year and see what happens.

      Thanks, thumbs up!

  3. Hi Niina,
    Lovely things to include in your life, and what a great start to the new year! Hope it's a healthy one for you full of fun and laughter.
    Big hugs,

    1. Hellou Xanadu!
      Thank you - I hope that these things can make my 2017 a good one. I know that some things - hobbies and such - can make a big difference. Just hope to find it among these few! :)
      Big hugs! (✿◠‿◠)

  4. P.S. I love the new header!!!

    1. Thanks, I do so too - it was a cute little set with tiny and bigger girls, so I used one of them on the header. :)

  5. Great goals!

    I had a comic journal for years after artschool, and I also do miss drawing and painting a lot so I understand a little bit how you might feel. :) I wish you luck with your project. I also think that crafting is art itself, so create anything, big or small is good what ever your chosen medium is making art.

    Reading is always good. Have you read comics at all? Maybe that would be a good way to begin concentrating on one thing, they don't require that much. I read a bit of comics, some old and some new, and I read womens magazines like Kodin Kuvalehti or Reader's Digest. Short stories are easier to read. That's how much I can concentrate but it sometimes takes a lot of effort not to oogle aroud while reading. I support you with this matter! ^__^

    I've enjoyed your photos, so keep up that. :) It's been interesting to see your dolls and surroundings in your home and all. Do you think having dolls made you photograph more? About bonding with dolls: I don't really think about it that much, but I feel like sometimes re-styling or sewing can help. I agree with Fantasywoods above that it's ok to let a doll go if you don't feel like having it.

    Thank you for sharing your goals and life, I wish you best for this year. ^__^

    1. Thanks, Xaya!

      I really like to create and I have a lot of materials left from my most active time, so there is nothing holding me back when it comes to start a journal or a painting. So no excuses at all. :D

      I had „Calvin and Hobbes“ as a favorite for a while and I had a subscription on that one. I have had some magazines too - mostly lifestyle and home (ELLE, Lantliv). These magazines has some interesting articles, short enough to keep my concentration. I would love to find some Marvel comics. And I agree with you - other distractions need to be far away when reading. Thanks for the support!

      In the early beginning I wanted to have a doll (any kind would do) to start photographing more and learning about light, perspective and just play around. So, yes, I think so, that having dolls have made me photograph more. I have always liked it and started early in my youth with my grandmother’s camera. And that was in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Gosh, time goes by fast.

      I hope that some new re-paints, wigs and clothes can help with the bonding. And feeling that it is OK to let go.

      Let’s hope for the best for 2017! (。♥‿♥。)

  6. Those are great goals for this year! Hope you can achieve them all :D
    And I agree with the other comments, letting a go doll, if you are not bonding, is perfectly OK!

    1. Thank you, Musume!
      These goals I felt that I can combine too. I hope that I can let go of my "must be perfect"-thinking. Art can be strange, ugly too...Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, those who know. (◕‿-)

  7. Great goals you got here! I think reading is very relaxing, I usually tend to read while commuting and/or right before I go to sleep! This way I've been devouring books!

    Good luck in the new year ~

    1. Thank you, Irene.
      Reading is very relaxing, sometimes even too much. Have fallen a sleep with a book on my face several times. But it is a good feeling. Looking for a good book to start on.
      Happy 2017!

  8. Those are some great goals!
    I want to do creative things too, but my concentration, like yours, is messed up. Haha :P
    But you can do it! I hope you'll feel much better here in 2017, and can get back to enjoying the things you love :3

    1. Thanks!
      To be creative is really a way to learn to focus, but I am not so good at that. My head is a mess and it is in all places. Sometimes I have trouble to focus when someone talks to me. With the family and near and dear it works ok, but with someone outside that circle. Haha, they must think I am a nut ¯\(©¿©) /¯
      Step by step we will get back and enjoy the things we love!

  9. Art journals are love! I second that idea! Great goals, and I wish you lots of luck and success! :)

    1. Thank you! I have been collecting some info and tips on Pinterest how to get started. It looks like so much fun and relaxing. :)


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