And suddenly it happens...

I find my way back to the blog. Since last time it has been some intense months, but we are okay. I have taken some photos during my free and lazy days. So enjoy.

So here is Zipporah, in the early days at the cottage, enjoying the sun. Even if it was sunny, it was not so warm at all. 

There are a lot of mossy rocks, small and very large, around the cottage. Played a little bit. Had to balance Esmé a bit, so she would not just tip over in any direction.

Zipporah and Esmé

Here we have Mai. Her features make her perfect as a little elf in these woods we have around the cottage. 

Someone is curious about Mai. Who could that be? A tiny polar bear?

Some pretty girls talking about pine cones and other strange things in the woods.

Say hello to Bella, a gift from my daughters. There were a sale at the local toy store in the town where my mother-in-law lived. The store is closing, so the girls wanted to buy something for me. This one is so cute, compared to the one I bought. Smile and lips are…

Hairdorables: Kat

Late in March I took a trip to a new shopping market called "Eko:-". They have many markets and shops in many places and I have visited one before. This time I wanted to see what they have because I have heard several complains. But as usually, non of these complaints were true. It was a clean, a lovely place och the prices were cheaper compared to toy stores, art stores and other stores. 

Came home with a Disney Princess, Snow White and a Hairdorables, because I was a bit curious about these tiny dolls with big heads and lots of hair. Had seen some cute versions on the net and YouTube, so I hoped for one of those. But those blind packs can be surprises, both a happy one and a disappointment.

Simple box opening: Resinsoul Fei

Well, I took a plunge. Lately I have visited a site, similar to eBay, but a Swedish one. Put BJD in the search line, just in case and got a hit. There was a woman who had several BJD's for sale and one of these were a Resinsoul Fei. I started with visiting ResinSouls site, compared and calculated. She had even other ResinSoul dolls, but this Fei one just caught my eye. It was a doll she had for a time, but kept well in a box and in a drawer, protected from light. There were no bidding and excitement, just a 'buy now'-button. So I did that and made a payment to her and in just a couple of days from that a package arrived.
I have had her for a couple of weeks now and I am so pleased with her. She is really cute and I like the size she is. The clothes I have for my Narshas fit her well, so that is a big plus. She needs some re-stringing, as the seller even pointed out, but that is something I can do later on. She still stands well and the arms are ok to pose. 

She came in a …

Hoppy Easter!

Well, it has been a while and I hope that you are doing well. I am just fine, even if I have been a bit tired and have had pains in my joints. But Spring is here and the sun is shining, so I cannot be down!
At the moment we are at our cottage, enjoying our time and I thought I could blog from my phone. A year ago, during Easter, we had a lot of snow but this year there is no snow at all. At most we have had around +35 degrees celsius during the day and below zero during the nights. Blue skies, flowers, butterflies, birds, baby squirrels and other cute animals fill the forest and nearby places. I have been walking in the forest and even dipped into the lake the other day. This is not so normal for April, because it usually is colder and even snow at some places. Earth is getting hotter and that is no good thing.
During the evenings I have been listening to audio books and sewing, painting and making an new doll out of my monster high doll Howleen Wolf. She is now a blind rabbit. I tri…

Project: Let's bake!

I was wandering around on Pinterest and Youtube for some days ago and found some cute tutorials and pictures of donuts, made for jewelry. I thought that the size is a perfect fit for dolls, mostly Barbie, Monster High and similar. I had some Fimo clay at home, in brown and some pastel colors that would work for the donut and the frosting. Even if the brown is rather dark, it can work as a chocolate donut with frosting.

Say hello to Aliisa

I am in a progress of giving my Monster High dolls a make over. Going through the bunch I have to see who needs a new repaint and who need a face up in general. I have had this Draculaura that Alasse sent me for a while ago. Had plans for her to look like a walking add for Harajuku Fashion, but it really did not suit her. Then I thought she would be a candy dream (details with candy made from clay and so on), but that sounded too sweet. Well, she is my sleepy head, all in pink. Meet Aliisa.

Happy 2019!

Just buzzing by to wish you a Happy New Year and may it bring the best to you. Happiness, success, plenty of time for dolls and your other hobbies, time to enjoy a good book, a lovely movie or just time to chill for a while if life feels hectic.