Saturday, December 25, 2021

Enjoy the Holidays!

Aliisa feeling a bit sleepy next to a gnome.
Hello you! Hope that you are having a wonderful time, celebrating the seasonal holidays. It is amazing how fast this year has gone by. It is almost impossible to even grasp it. I have been busy with two of my three last exams for this semester. One was a fantasy book analysis, Stardust by Neil Gaiman and the other one was a crime fiction book, L.A. Confidential by Jame Ellroy. These books have been adapted to movies too. The last one is due in January, a gothic book analysis. 

We got some snow the other day, so this years Christmas is white. It has been rather cold too, around -20 degrees. On those cold days I wish it was Summer again. And when it is Summer and hot, I will remember these cold days.

Had a diorama laying around, so I bought a elf door and put it in there.
It was fun and those tiny things you can use for your dolls too, if you want to.

My new bald girl with no name. She is a Littlefee Basic from Fairyland (Denver Doll).
Dress (a pirate wench dress) is made by me with the pattern from
Lomi's Playground and Beth Alvarez, at The World of Ithilear.

I got my third vaccine for the Covid-19 for a week ago. The media reported a lot about the information that was given by the health authority - please get vaccinated before Christmas. So I reserved a time, drove to the facility where they gave vaccines and had to turn back home because 6 months had not passed since my second shot. Told them that it was just some days away from 6 months, but that did not help. Not even telling them that I am in a risk group with my diabetes. My hubby got a appointment at another place nearer his work and I tagged along, just for the fun of it, to see the sights from the car. He asked the nurses and doctor monitoring the vaccinations, if I could get the third shot. He was prepared for a no, but after the personal checked my medical history, they just said to him to send me right in, right now. It is so different from place to place and person to person. I am just glad that I got my third shot before Christmas and because of the new version, omikron. 

Well, that's some news from me, myself and I. I hope that you are doing well and enjoying the holidays! Stay safe! Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 29, 2021

I'm here.

You have plans. You have thoughts. You even have the time, but somehow it just runs through your fingers like sand. And there is nothing you can do about it. It is a big part of something called life. Without getting any deeper and philosophical - I am still alive and kicking. 

Since last post my life has been filled with good things and bad things. After we got our vaccines and our oldest relative, my hubby’s uncle, got his we decided to take a trip to the cottage. After a six hour drive, with just stops to take some well needed stretch the legs, let Bentley sniff around and eat our home made sallad by a lake we arrived at the cottage. We had not been there for two year because of the pandemic and I was a bit afraid to find it looking abandoned. The cottage looked just fine, but behind a jungle and fourteen deers. They were all over the place!

This was in late August and we felt lucky to finally enjoy a couple of weeks of late vacation. My hubby worked during the summer, so that he could have his vacation in September. Oldest daughter did the same and youngest had her summer as usual and started to study in September through a school platform and meetings on Zoom. Works well during the pandemic. 

I enjoyed my time with gardening (jungle), taking some swims in the lake and breathing the fresh forest air. Had some dolls along the trip too. We visited some places nearby, but mostly we stayed at the cottage. We visited my hubby’s uncle, being a 100 years old and just having his next birthday in late October. We had plans to celebrate him on his day before we drove home. I knew that my husband and oldest daughter had to travel back home to work and meanwhile I and the youngest one would stay with Bentley at the cottage. But that did not happen. No birthday, no work. 

We visited him daily, sat and talked, helped him to do grocery shopping, talked with the care takers. He was so glad to see is and enjoyed the visits a lot, especially our girls and Bentley. Bentley loved to visit him and just sit by him, like a support dog. It went fast in the end. He complained about a huge pain in his leg, ended up taking the ambulance to the hospital and he never came back. It was probably a blood clot. We miss him a lot. He was the last of my mother in law’s siblings. My husband and his cousins are the oldest ones now. 

Some of the flowers at my hubby's uncle's funeral.

Some weeks later we lost another relative, one my mother-in-law’s side. Just like that. He was even a neighbor to us, had the second house on the road before us. He has always been there, year after year and now the house is empty. Well, the village feels empty. And we are feeling numb. 

Friday, September 3, 2021

Mai in August

Reflection or two different roads?
It was one of those warmer days, with the sun on the one end and the darker clouds on the other end of the sky. We had plans, as a family, to take a trip to a place with an old mining place and higher cliffs. But with the rain hanging over us, we made new plans.