Monday, May 25, 2020

New places to visit!

Some days ago Monster Crafts posted on her blog about getting to know other bloggers and visiting them. Great idea, thank you! I have some links to the blogs I often visit for many reasons - I want to know what has happened lately, some new tips and tricks, an interview, a photo shoot, new sewing tips or just a pretty poem. Linda at YéYé Dolls did this too and posted some blogs that she gladly follows. many of these blogs at Monster Crafts and Linda are blogs that I visit too. You can visit them too, to explore some more and click on the links here on my blog, to explore my good reads!

While surfing the net, in a search for something new like a pattern or a DIY, I often stumble upon some new blogs that I have not visited before. Those I save for later and I thought this would be a great opportunity to share these blogs with you now. 

Jadepixels: Link to Jadepixels. Here you have information about BJD's, especially Dollfie Dream. Photos, sewing, a shop and tutorials.

Fashion Dolls Couture - Unlimited: Link to FDCouture. Beautiful photos, tutorials and amazing patterns to those who love to sew for their Barbies and similar dolls.

Fabulously Small: Link to Fabulously Small. Miniatures for everyone! Tips, tricks, tutorials and even some inspiration. 

One inch minis: Link to 1 inch minis by Kris. Can it get smaller (probably it can), but anyway - so adorable! Mini accessories out of paper, room boxes, how to make things and other amazing stuff.

A Beautiful World: Link to Josje's World of Miniatures. Dollhouses, room boxes and miniatures. Cute and tiny.

So, there you have some new places that I sneakily visit now and then, to get some inspiration or just to look at the beautiful photos. Happy surfing!

Monday, May 4, 2020

May the Fourth be with you!

BB-8 among Bellis perennis.
Is this a fun day, or what? Celebrating a Star Wars Day, just for fun and giving your Star Wars toys some extra love on this day. I took my Hasbro dolls Leia and Rey out on an adventure together with my youngest daughter and our dog. Needed some extra hands to keep all in some kind of order. Some tiny happenings did occur, but in all it was fun. Borrowed our neighbors fence too. That was okay.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Spring time, odd time

Usually during Spring and Easter week, we pack our car and drive to the cottage. But this year, with borders closed and that it is not allowed to drive between cities, we have stayed at home. Covid-19 has spread a lot and we have had our first case of the virus in our little town. We are still allowed to go out, but we need to keep our distance. Big gatherings are not allowed at all and you can only socialize with them who are healthy and that you usually socialize with during the day. That makes it just down to my family, the rest I keep in touch with in other ways. 

Zipporah on a windy day.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

A place of her own

I was watching some YouTubers, just for fun and came across this little DIY and thought that it would be fun to do something else than clothes. It felt as a good way to get closer to the room I have been planning, collecting material to and postponing every single day.