Sunday, June 24, 2018

Noomi, a Mokashura Duyou.

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Noomi is my third doll from the doll company Dollmore. I ordered her in September 2014 and she arrived in the end of that year. It felt like a rather short wait, or maybe I just had gotten used to the wait after the earlier doll orders. 

Noomi with her big eyes and new face up.
When I saw this doll at the first time, I thought that it was a doll in the size of Lati Yellow and similar. The last photo on the company's page said the opposite. Suddenly it was a huge doll. So, in some seconds I changed my mind. But I could not get her cute face of my mind and those adorable eyes just etched deep into my soul. After some thinking, looking at box openings, reading reviews on different sites - I took another decision. I ordered her with a face up, body blushing, clothes, shoes and two wigs. I went all in. And then I lived with an empty wallet. 

She came one early morning, the mailman said he was sorry and I stood there in my pajamas and my hair looking like a wild bird nest. I took the heavy box, went to my bed and started to slowly breathe, open the box and feeling the joy. Such a huge doll and so, so pretty. I was overwhelmed by the cuteness.

Face up done, ready for lashes.

"She can probably fly away with these lashes" was my first thought.

But with the eyes and wig, it did not look too bad.
This year I have had her for almost 4 years. Her place among my other dollies have grown and I really adore her. There has been some moments that have given me some serious thoughts of letting her go, especially her being so heavy and me having some issues with the tilting head and my carpal tunnel syndrome. These three things to not match. But she is still around and will be for a long, long time. When my hands cannot handle it, I give her to someone else in my family to hold so that I can take some photos. There is always a solution.

Noomi, with sunbeams and a new face up.

The Doll Shaming tag on Instagram was a really fun thing to do.
A smaller wig, a wig cap or even velcro is needed to keep the wig in place.
In the beginning of this year, I saw that her eye lashes started to literally fall apart. Decided to take those off, but the glue - a nightmare. It ended in a clean doll face and a new face up. My daughters bought some eye lashes to me, that I could use. And now she is back to normal.

Her legs, especially the knee joints has a life of their own.
It is ok as long as one does not twist the legs too much. 

Knees in right place, but as you see -
too much twisting makes some marks on the body blushing.
Nothing bad and it can be fixed, but anyway...

"What is this thingy?" A very good thingy.
The body has one on each butt/leg and makes her sit very stable.
No tilting, no falling back and no troubles getting her to sit.
Just perfect!
Tilting head gives a strange throat, almost like an Adam's apple.

Just a bit to make it better.
Her body is perfect in size and it could be amazing if the head was a bit tinier. And it would just be a little change in the back part of the head. I do not know if there has been any changes to the head with the newer versions of this doll. Maybe I will find out when my wallet is feeling better and I can order Noomi a brother. The boy version is just adorable.

Here are the measurements for Mokashura Doll.

- Height: 40.5cm (16inch) 
- Head: 32cm (13 inch wig) 
- Eyes: 28mm 
- Neck: 10cm 
- Bust: 19cm 
- Shoulder: 7cm 
- Waist: 18.5cm 
- Hip: 25.3cm 
- Foot : 5.5cm (width 2.8cm) 
- Shoulder to the end of finger: 16cm 
- Waist to the end of foot: 21.5cm 
- Hip to the end of foot: 17cm

I hope that you are doing well. I am at our cottage right now, we drove here yesterday. I did some gardening that day too, so now I am a bit sore, mostly in the arms. Yesterday was sunny and even this morning had a warm fuzzy feeling, but then the rain came. Tomorrow we hope for a road trip in sunshine. Enjoy the new week!
Thursday, June 07, 2018

A little throwback

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Two dolls from 2015
It is Thursday, so a throwback could be nice. I found two girls sitting on a book shelf in our living room and I started to wonder who long it was since I played with these two. Had to go back to my Instagram too see and I was amazed about the time. It was in April 2015. Three years.

From my Instagram.
Well, these two were my first dolls that I tried my so called skills on re-paint, face up and even material. I remember that I was waiting for the first sealant to arrive and I was so ready to do this. It was fun, I learned a lot.

The first doll is a Bratz, the one to the left. Originally she was a Bratz Yasmin, with those darker features and a beauty mark under her left eye. She was one of the dolls my daughters could give away, as long as she stayed here at home. The other one is Elyon, a character from the W.I.T.C.H comic series. The girls liked the comic serie and had their favourites. They watched the series many times and even had the books and comics to read. Well, it was mostly we as parents who read to them, until they started to learn themselves. We have some of the comics left, at the cottage. Elyon was my favourite, so when the dolls came, I bought one. The girls bought their favourites too.

This is Elyon's story, in the comic series:
"Elyon Brown is a heart-warming, kind, and caring teenager with straw colored hair in two braids. She is friendly and smart, however sometimes socially awkward, withdrawn and shy. Due to her young age, she is quite naive but her intelligence eventually leads her to the truth. is the Queen of Meridian, given the title 'Light of Meridian'. Elyon was born in Meridian, lone daughter to the Queen and King, and sole heir to the throne. However, after the disappearance of her parents, Meridianites named Galgheita (disguised as Mrs. Rudolph the Mathematics teacher on Earth), Miriadel and Alborn took her to Earth to protect her from her older brother, Phobos, who had plans to steal her superior magical powers. Elyon was raised there as a normal girl by Miriadel and Alborn under the aliases of Eleanor and Thomas Brown. She knew nothing of Meridian or her true identity."
I really like this story. And there is more, of course. The doll does not look anything like Elyon in the comic series and I may, some day, do her justice.


Well, otherwise it has been good over here. Hot, though and so much sun that everyone is amazed. We had over +30°C (86°F) in May and that is not normal at all. It felt like midst of the summer. The flowers that usually bloom about now, has already bloomed. The grass is not green, it is more light brown and dry. There has not been a drop of rain and the thunder storm that came last week, was just a couple of lightnings and ka-booms. Then suddenly the degrees drop 10-12°C, to just around +20°C. That felt cold, no fan was needed and it was time to get an extra blanket. I wonder how the summer will be, or if this was it?

I hope that you are doing well! Enjoy June!
Friday, May 11, 2018

Weekend at the cottage

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A new week is almost gone and the weekend is getting closer and closer. Last weekend (Wednesday to Sunday) we stayed at our cottage in the southern parts of Sweden.It was a bit cold during the first couple of days, but then the sun arrived and made everything so much better. We had the funeral for my mother in law's sister Svea. It was a beautiful, but sad. Afterwards we just tried to keep up the spirit among us and for the brother Hartvig, who has lost two sister in a short time. He was happy to have company by us and my husbands cousin, too. 

During the weekend I did some gardening, took a walk and sat by the lake. And took a swim! The water was so extremely cold! But it felt good and I slept like a baby after that. 

Here are some photos from the weekend!

R2-D2 and C-3PO as cars, from Hot Wheels. Took this photo for the May 4th.

Some of the flowers at the funeral.
The old bridge and a area for the horses and sometimes even for BBQ party.

The very simple road to the lake.

Spring makes everything so light green.
During summer it is darker and when fall comes, it is yellow, orange and light brown.

Some parts of the road has gravel.
At the lake.

This is where I sit and breathe, think and enjoy my free time.

The lake Hörnen, where we swim. Some even fish, but I rather see the fish play and have fun.
Took along my little Blythe (Littlest Pet Shop Blythe) named Button. 

A house for the boats, fish nets, fishing rods and so on.
And Button, of course. 

Button sitting by the lake.

When I saw this the first time, I did not want to swim in the lake.
But the big fish does not swim near the people.
The smaller ones does and can even play with you, especially your feet.
The boars have made a mess, or just made it comfortable for themselves. There are many boars in these woods.
A boar family can be as big as 30 boars. Have seen and heard some.
There are even other animals like fox, squirrel, tawny owl, deer, moose and of course even butterflies, dragon flies, spiders, beetles, ants and so.

The forest has a lot of flowers, animals and insects. This blue flower is a hepatica.

Button sits among some wood sorrel. Those green leafs you can eat. They have a sourish taste. 

A secret portal? And where to?
This forest is a bit magical.

Here are some big ones. Would not call them pebbles, more steady rocks. There are a lot of
rocks around in these parts of Sweden. 

This is a windflower, an Anemone nemorosa.

Some rocks on pile. These have been either a part of a stone wall, a dwelling or a barn.
There are similar piles that have been an old grave.
This is the annex at our garden. The girls have their quarter there. Beds, furniture and lights.

And this is our cottage, built by my parents in law in the early 1960's. Two bedrooms, one kitchen, one bathroom, a dining place / living room and a tiny room for shoes, clothes and such.
So, this is a piece of Jakobstorp, a place where I spend my summers and free time as often as we can.  There is more, but that I can show you during our summer vacation. When the kids were small (before they started school) I lived here with them for about 6-7 months every year. Had a lot of help from the relatives who lived near and my hubby came every weekend, to be with us. I could study and work from there too, so it was a great time for us all. The kids grew up there and they love the place. And so do the rest of us. 

Hope that you are enjoying May and I wish you a happy weekend ahead. 
Monday, April 30, 2018


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How are you doing? I hope well. I have not forgotten you (will visit you soon) or my blog, but it has been a lot to handle the last few weeks. But we are doing rather good and Spring has arrived, finally. No snow, no chilly winds and no cloudy days. It has been sunshine almost every day during last week and this weekend. Good for those who celebrate Walpurgis, a feast for the eighth-century English Christian missionary Saint Walburga. Valborg, as it is called in Swedish, also marks the arrival of spring. The celebrations vary from place to place, but often there is a bonfire, choral singing and a speech to honor the arrival of the Spring season. It is a public event and nothing I have celebrated since I took my exams.

Beautiful box.
Something to celebrate and be happy about is a new friend in my collection, arriving all the way from down under. I got a gift from the lovely Alasse at The Wayward Inn, thank you so much. She wanted to cheer me up, bring some sunshine and put a smile on my face. So thoughtful and kind. In the package I found a beautiful box with a Made to Move Barbie, clothes and accessories (everything in the photos, but not the guitar - that I found at a grocery store, toy section). My mind went "oh, wow!" and my face was a mix of looking surprised and very happy (glad to have ears, or my smile had traveled around my head). Hubby, who met the postman at the door and took the package in, said that it was a beautiful and generous gift. I agree, totally, and it made my day. 

"So bright!"
Out of the box.
This doll has joints and can make the posing so much fun. Her articulation is spectacular and she is double jointed at both the elbows and the knees and have jointed ankles, thighs, upper arms and torso. But above all, she has personality. She feels like a dreamer, gazing some where else. It will be wonderful to learn to know her.

Sunshine, flowers and a little smile.
Hubby brought a larger cardboard box from work (he had his new work clothes in it and instead of throwing the box away, he thought I could use it) and my project (hopefully) this summer is to make a little room (two walls, one floor) for her. Probably the other dollies in her size will try to move in, who knows. I have been lurking on youtube to see different ways to make a room and I have several props that I can use. I have even thought that I could start in a different size, smaller one just for a try.

Look, joints!
Aha, that's on her mind - music.

Listening to music.
The flowers in one of the photos are named Chionodoxa, and are even known as glory-of-the-snow. We have several in our tiny garden and we usually call them Scilla. So, her name is Csilla. The name was invented by the 19th century Hungarian writer Mihály Vörösmarty, based on the words "csillag", meaning "star" and/or "csillog", meaning "it sparkles or shines". Csilla is even a character, a daughter, in a dramatic poem titled "Hábador" from 1826.

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