Thursday, October 15, 2020

A handful of rainbows

In the beginning of the summer when I was browsing the net as usually in the evening, my eyes caught a ad for some new dolls. Especially the yellow one. Have had my eyes on the green one too and as the other doll collectors my thoughts went to Billie Eilish and her style. 

I started to google and found the doll that came before the Rainbow High dolls. It was a larger doll, with not so much movement in the joints - head, hip, shoulders. But these dolls have more range of movement and are jointed like the older Monster High dolls. The doll line before, as seen in the picture above are similar, but larger and you could use some slime to change the outfits. I am not inte slime, so I let that be.

The Rainbow High Girls come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Then there are two extra dolls that come in two different sets. I think that you need to buy the set and doll separately. Did not dive into that, so...

During those not so lazy summer days, while studying, I visited some sites to see how much they want for these dolls. At different stores, and of course not here in Sweden, the price tag was about 27USD. If I wanted to order from the net, the shipping would have been more expensive than the doll alone. And shipping to Sweden would not happen until the end of August. 

It is fun to live in a little country. So, I started to enjoy some unboxing videos, some reviews and I even found some repaint videos. It went so far, that I even watched comparison videos on the Rainbow high Dolls from MGA and Barbies from Mattel. It was rather nice and relaxing to do so. MyFroggyStuff has a lot of these videos on their channel.

In the beginning of this month the first Swedish ad for these dolls just popped up and after some serious color picking I ordered the yellow girl the other day. She has been shipped and will land on my door step in some days! But more about her in a later post!

Hope that you are okay and enjoying you dolly time!

Pictures from MGA and Pinterest.


  1. Oh Niina, you have been having a lovely time, haven't you. :) All the dolls look very pretty and your little yellow Rainbow doll looks exceptionally cute. I adore her rainbow socks and shoes, so much so I checked them out here. Our Target store has them for AU$49 and each set comprises 1 fashion doll, 2 complete outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, hairbrush, 2 hangers and a doll stand. Not a bad deal, but I won't be getting them, I'll just enjoy visiting yours. :)
    Big hugs,

    1. Haha, I sure have had a great time and these dolls have something, each of them. Many doll collectors have been over the moon when unboxing and reviewing. It is a hype! I love the yellow girl, just because she has two outfits - one for parties and one for ordinary day. And the color is so sunny and bright. Look forward to receiving her.
      That is a good deal for a rainbow High doll. Probably the prices will get lower if there comes a series two. Very curious on that, though.
      I will post more of her soonish, so you can enjoy!
      Big hugs!

  2. Hi Niina, oh, they are so cute! I like your choice very much and look forward to seeing her appear on your blog! The extra outfit is beautiful, and I love the rainbow shoes. Have a great weekend, hugs!

    1. Hellou Linda! It was a hard choice to make, I almost wanted them all because they are so adorable. Who knows, maybe some day. Love the extra outfits you get with the set and that even some extra shoes comes along.
      Enjoy the new week and hope that your weekend was great!

  3. Dear Niina, she is a cute doll. I can't wait until she comes to you and you can plan her adventures.

    I love watching My Froggy Stuff videos. Toya is so talented. I love to see her make room boxes.

    1. Dear Dorothy, she really is a cute doll and I look forward to getting her home. I have heard so much great things about this doll, so the hopes are high.
      My Froggy Stuff has so much wonderful things, so inspirational!
      Have a happy new week!


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