Sunday, January 14, 2018

A last trip

One of the roads near our cottage.
I am sitting here in our living room and thinking about the trip we took to south Sweden, where we have our relatives and our cottage, during the Epiphany (Little Christmas) weekend. We usually do not take any trips during this season, because of the weather. It can be a bit moody in these times. It can be dry, sunny and almost feel like the Spring has arrived. Then it can be rainy, foggy and feel like late Autumn. And before you know it, you are in a snow storm, trying to see the road. 

Our cottage and car.
With a control of the weather and several forecasts, we packed our car and drove the 6 hours to mother in law. The nurses had phoned us several times, telling us that she is not doing well. My anxiety kicked in and we did not know what to expect. When we arrived, she was in her bed - happy, talking and looked like a sun, shiny and warm, we she saw us. She said: "Oh, there you are! You came!" The nurse who was there at that point told that mother in law has been happy and waiting for us to come. 

Our church - The girls are baptized and hubby + I got married here.
One of my toy cars.
We stayed at her place for four days and she perked up during those day. We had many good moments with talks, hugs, laughs and memories. But we had even some worries. She had some respiratory arrest during the day and it felt strange to have a nurse there by her side, all day and all night - even if this is a very good thing. Even I and the rest of the family sat next to mother in law from time to time. 

And I am glad that we took this trip, because it was the last time we saw her. Today, on the 14th January, early morning, she passed away. May she rest in peace. I will miss her dearly. 

💟  💟  💟

I had one of my Pureneemo's along, Kielo (bought from Lise at Daggry Saga). I took some photos of her at the cottage and made a little comic. The Merida doll and Kielo's clothes are a gift from Alasse at The Wayward Inn

⛄  ⛄  ⛄

I wish you the best for the new week ahead.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


I was tagged by Lise, on Instagram, to do this FAQ. I decided to take it over to my blog and answer the questions here.

1. How old are you?
I am 46 years old. But I feel like 23. Haha!

2. What was your first BJD?
It was a Dollmore Basic Sleepy Narsha girl. 

3. When did you join the hobby?
I ordered my first doll in October 2011, but I had been searching for the perfect one about 4 years before that.

4. What is your grail doll?
Grail is an interesting word. At the moment I do not think that I have any bigger grails, but I do have hopes and wishes to someday buy a couple of different dolls. But it would not hurt to have a MiniFee Rin with cute glittery eyes, big ears and some cute animal feet. 

5. What is your dolls clothing style?
At the moment I feel that it is a bit dull. I would love to have some lace, pastels and layer on layer.

6. What do your loved ones think of the hobby?
They are very OK with it and at times even active in decisions, talks and happenings in the doll world.

7. Are you open about your hobby?

8. Do you have a preference for boy dolls girl dolls etc?
In the beginning, yes. Now, no. 

9. Do you have a size preference?
Yes, in the beginning I had and wanted to have just those smaller ones, but today I am open for discussion when it comes to larger dolls. I have found some beautiful dolls that would have been huge in my thoughts when I started in this hobby, but not today. 

10. How do your pets react to your dolls?
Sadly, I do not have any pets. 

11. What would you do if your spouse, friend or family member disapproved of your dolls?
It would make me a bit sad, because it is a part of me. And probably I would say something like "Oh, you don't say, you with your *insert a hobby or collectible*.

12. Emergency! Do you have a plan for your dolls?
Yikes! I would grab the boxes and dolls I can manage and run! I should have a plan of some kind. 

13. How do you feel about dolls as gifts?
I am OK with that, as long as it is not a really expensive dolls. That would give me anxiety. But Barbies, PureNeemos, some Blythes, Momokos and so on are OK. Even some smaller BJD's.

Really the nearest thing I have come to a story.
14. Do you write stories for your dolls?
Sometimes. Mostly just short thoughts around their personalities. I have written a couple of 'comics', that I have shared on this blog.

15. What is your favorite sculpt?
Narsha, Alex doll, Hee-ah.

16. What is your favorite company?

17. What is your most expensive doll?
It is my Mokashura Duyou doll, with face up and body blush.

18. What is your least expensive doll?
My first BJD.

Esmé, my favorite.
19. What is your favorite doll?
From the ones I own - it's a head, a Narsha Zihu. Never thought that would be it.

20. What are your other hobbies?
Toy Cars

21. Will you send me your doll?
No. Haha!

⛄   ⛄   ⛄

This was it, for now. If you want to join, then do!
Share it on your Instagram, blog or other suitable place. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

A new year

It's a typical 1st day of the new year. Foggy, gray and chilly. Some snowflakes fell earlier and gladly the snow gives a bit of light. The days are short, dark and you get tired easily. 

When I was a kid, I often heard the elderly talk about how you should make the first day of the new year a good one. No fuss, no late morning, being nice and happy, because the first day of the new year would reflect on the whole new year. So, hope that your 1st January has been a wonderful day. I do not know if there is any truth to this, but better be safe than sorry. I wish you the best for 2018!

Head and other stuff
Well, my first post in 2018 will be presenting the new head I bought from Dollmore. I was, in the beginning, not so keen on just buying a head but after many years of thinking I felt that I would give it a try. And it was a perfect way to upgrade my doll. 

At first I thought that I should just buy a wig and some new clothes for my Narshas, but I put a head in that order too. A couple of weeks in waiting and tracking turned into a couple of months. 

They did not have the head, Narsha Zihu, in stock so they let me know that they could contact the designer and ask her to make a new one. But then the wait would be longer. I did not mind. The head and the other stuff I ordered did not come to my birthday as I first had planned, but the wait was worth it. 

Easy peasy.
The head is beautiful and easy to use as it is with a face plate. I do not need to take of the whole head, if I want to work with it - face up, change eyes and so on. I'm pleased. 

Head in place, with eyes and wig.
With a face up and new clothes
"Oh, stop!"
At the moment the head is borrowing Esther's body. A new face needs a new name and that has been an issue for me since the head arrived. But after some thinking I decided for Esmé. 

An artsy photo from Christmas Eve.
It originates from old French language and means "beloved one". It is related to the French name Aimee and to the concept of esteem. It was originally a boys’ name, exported from France to Scotland, via a member of the royal family. Esmé came to be used in Scotland in the 16th century as the name of 1st Duke of Lennox (1542-1583). Until mid-twentieth century it was a masculine name, but slowly become a feminine name.

So, this is Esmé. And she is so cute!