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How are you doing? I hope well. I have not forgotten you (will visit you soon) or my blog, but it has been a lot to handle the last few weeks. But we are doing rather good and Spring has arrived, finally. No snow, no chilly winds and no cloudy days. It has been sunshine almost every day during last week and this weekend. Good for those who celebrate Walpurgis, a feast for the eighth-century English Christian missionary Saint Walburga. Valborg, as it is called in Swedish, also marks the arrival of spring. The celebrations vary from place to place, but often there is a bonfire, choral singing and a speech to honor the arrival of the Spring season. It is a public event and nothing I have celebrated since I took my exams.
Something to celebrate and be happy about is a new friend in my collection, arriving all the way from down under. I got a gift from the lovely Alasse at The Wayward Inn, thank you so much. She wanted to cheer me up, bring some sunshine and put a smile on my face. So tho…