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Happy Easter!

It is late afternoon on this Good Friday and I am packing things I need for the trip this Easter. My brains is not working as it usually does and so far I have only packed pens, papers, letters and doll-things. Or maybe my brain works just fine and this is the important stuff, who knows.
Soon time for some dinner and later this evening we will watch a hockey game. Life goes on. I just want to wish you, my reader and friend, a Happy Easter! Stay warm, eat yummy things and enjoy the holidays with the ones you love.

Spring time

When I logged into Facebook one evening, I saw that several of my friends had a painted picture as a profile photo. It looked like a famous painter had done it, so I had to find out more.
There is an page and an app called deepart, that helps you to make your pictures to artsy masterpieces. I had to try, so I took some of my photos on my dolls and combined these with some of my favorite artists. I do not know what to say about the result, but it was a joy to try it out. It is a new way to express ones art in an easy way, especially if you are not so good at painting. I’m an amateur, but it even gave me some ideas for my own artsy hobby. Hope to have time to test my brushes, pens and colors later when it gets more sunnier and warmer.
When I sit and write this, it is early morning over here in Sweden. The sun is on its way up, the kids are trying to wake up and I am preparing breakfast. It seems to be that a good day is on the way. The Easter is on its way too and Spring is getting clo…

50Q BJD meme

It is a lazy Sunday over here and I have some food in the oven. This gives me a little time to answer some questions, well why not 50 of them! I found this meme at Fantasywoods and you can even find it at TheResinCrew and ResinRomance. I was not tagged, but I wanted to do this because it felt like a good idea. If you want to do it, go ahead and then leave a comment so others can find you and read your thoughts. I will not tag anyone this time.
So, here we go! You may need a cup of coffee, tea or maybe some other favorite beverage and some snacks!
1. Have your tastes changed in sculpts over the years? No, not really. I still like the softer sculpts and from the same artist. But I have become more open to new things, different sculpts and other artists.
2. Do you have pre-made characters for the dolls that you get home which must fit a certain description, or, do you get them home and let inspiration hit? I let my inspiration hit. But sometimes I can see a doll on a site and boom, there …


I often have dreams during the night. Some I do not remember in the morning, some I do not want to remember and then there are those dreams that just makes me want to go back.  In our little town there is a shop, nearby the town square, that sell old vintage stuff. I have been there many times and bought home nice things, mostly to the kitchen.

In my dream I found a place like that, with three floors, in an old house and in a beautiful town. It was sunny, warm and the wind had a softness I had never felt. I entered the store and I was mind blown. On every floor there were rooms with different items for sale, with different themes. Christmas, winter, clothes and shoes, lamps and furniture, toys, cards and other lovely stuff.
I stepped into this old house, from the sunny weather outdoors. I felt the difference between the warmth and the more soft cold breeze in the house, from the fans placed here and there. I walked on the first floor, looked at the tiny Saint Nicholas', the old v…