Cold, life goes on and another cutie

February is soon to be March and it is unbelievable how fast this years two months has gone by. The first month of Spring is almost here, even if it does not feel like it. We still have a lot of snow here and it has been very cold the last couple of days. It has been around -16°C and it feels like -25°C, because it is blowing or the high humidity. In the mornings, when the sun is rising, it gets colder and colder for every minute. So, when the kids are of to school, they really have a lot of clothes on. They look like chubby little cuties running to the bus.

Last week we had winter vacation and took a trip to the cottage and mother-in-law’s old apartment. Visited some relatives and planned the coming move of her things and the estate inventory. We even celebrated our oldest daughters birthday, she is an adult now with her 18 years. Time goes by fast. On our way to the southern parts of Sweden, we stopped by at DollarStore. We needed balloons and other fun things for a birthday party. Walking around there, just for fun, while the girls searched for the right balloons I found a cutie. She was for sale for only 80SEK, about 9USD with todays currency. Yay. Otherwise the prices have been around 40USD for this doll, here in Sweden.

Took her to Wämöparken, in Karlskrona.
Used my hubby's new iPhone and the camera in that phone is amazing.

It is a Monster High doll, a Dream Monster Deer. she is a nature ghoul and likes to sit among the fauna and nature, blending right into it. She is a quiet and shy, but she sees herself as a gentle one.  She does not like big crowds at all and just enjoys her nearest and dearest friends. She really is a beautiful cutie and it is almost a way for me to try to feel how it could be with a doll with four legs. You know those fantasy art line dolls that Fairyland or Luts have, as an example. It is far away from quality, style and so - but it gives a hint, how it could be.

Well, her name is Fawntine Fallowheart and it really suits her. Often I do change the names, but this time I’m going to keep it. I may do a new face up on her, because I want some darker colors and a more to the fawn-like face. But that is a step I may take later on. At the moment I just want to introduce her to you. More photos will come later on.

Enjoy the new week that is going on!

PS: Want to read more about Wämöparken? I have a post here.
PS again: Made a thing, just for fun - see here


  1. She's cute Niina and yes, a good way to see if you would like a four legged bjd. I look forward to seeing her here in the future....and her new faceup.
    As for your temperatures, my goodness I cannot even imagine being that cold, and here's me complaining when it goes below about 20C!!!! I'm such a wimp!
    Hugs xxx

    1. Yes, she is really cute - thank you! I do like her and so does even my youngest daughter. She was along - first to say that they were ready to go and then pick one of the dolls DollarStore had. So far we have had a struggle to make her stand up right. The legs need to be in some special way, but I will not give up. I look forward to give her a new face up. Have been looking for inspiration on the net.

      It is really cold! And our summer temperatures can be something around +20°C to 25°C. At times that feels chilly. And then suddenly, one summer day, it will be so hot - nearer +35°C and we complain about the heat. Wimping that way! :D


  2. Hello :-). Here it is -7° C, so that is do-able :-). The wind is very sharp though!
    The forest lady-deer is cute! I have not been following the Monster High range lately, but I guess she is from the same group as Garden Ghouls Treesa Thornwillow maybe?

    1. Hello and welcome to my blog! :)
      Yes, -7°C is do-able! I was hoping for more Spring-like weather now, but nope - snow and cold.
      Thank you! She is one of the Monster High Fright-Mares Wave 2 doll. Totally there are four dolls in this wave, that came in 2015 and there are totally 12 releases - so eleven more for me to search for. Well, not really. I may search for some of them, especially Meadoe Flurry from Wave 4. There is always a bit of wait after the first release abroad. Treesa Thornwillow is, as you wrote, is a garden ghoul. There may be some inspiration from there. Garden ghouls have even a bee and other winged critters.

  3. It sounds like you got a great bargain with the doll. She certainly looks like she'd fit right in with nature.

    I think I would prefer snow to rain. It's been raining a lot and very heavily here for the past week. It's good though as we've been in a bit of a drought for a while so we actually need all the rain but everything gets wet and damp. But then if I lived in a place that snowed a lot, I would probably wish for rain!

    I didn't know you had a Wordpress blog. Is that your photo only blog? I love the photography on there, especially of that pine cone and the car. And the quotes are great.

    Have a lovely week and weekend!

    1. It really was a great bargain, but I do not get the pricing here. Looked at other net shops and there the prizes was a lot like the one in DollarStore. That will say around 8-9-10 USD. So, the costs for a shop to buy these dolls in, must be huge. It is named Fyndiq and has the similarity to AliExpress. Well, I am happy that I found Fawntine. :)

      In a way snow is a bit better compared to rain. A summer rain is rather beautiful, but those rainy seasons during fall are no fun at all. It really gets wt, damp and slippery. During some weeks there are an bigger activity at the hospital with people searching for help for bruises, minor fractures and sprains. Same happens when the first snow comes, melts and freezes to ice.

      Yes, I made the Wordpress blog just a couple a days ago. Mostly for trying out, to see how that platform works. I had a Wordpress blog in the early days, about 10-12 years ago, where I wrote about life, politics, opinions and thoughts (in Finnish). But a lot has changed since that day. I will mostly post photos there with smaller stories, quotes and sayings - trying to suit them together. Hope it goes well. :)

      Enjoy the rest of the week and happy weekend!

  4. Well what a lucky find! She's really quite lovely Niina and a perfect introduction to the fantasy world of the centaurs. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with this one and I love her name Fawntine Fallowheart, it's perfect! :)

    I see now the spring weather is slow in arriving, but it should begin to warm up soon.
    Big hugs,

    1. Hello and thank you! She really is a cute one and it will be fun to take her to the woods at our cottage.
      And yes, Spring is slow in arriving and my hubby's uncle said that we will been waiting for a while and summer will be a cold one too. Nothing to look forward to....
      Big hugs! :)

  5. She is lovely!! And I agree -it is an awesome way to discover if you would like this type of doll. I think you would!
    Sadly, autumn will be soon arriving here... or more prolly a sudden raging winter.

    1. Thank you! And I think so too, maybe a doll with the possibility to have two feet, too. So that I could combine.
      The winter has been rather intense this season. Cold and lots of snow. Hope for a more calm winter for you!

  6. -16°C??? Oh Gosh so cold....
    But your little Dear is precious! What a find :)
    The dear body is so cute and she has a very gentle face... cute
    Hugs and stay warm!

    1. And it can be colder than that, too! During the night, we got some snow - so winter is still here!
      Thank you, she is a great find - I am so happy!
      Hugs! And doing my best to stay warm, wrapped in blanket!

  7. That's the perfect doll for outdoor photos! And what a great price! :)

    1. Thank you so much, and I agree - she is perfect for outdoor photos!


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