Friday, May 11, 2018

Weekend at the cottage

A new week is almost gone and the weekend is getting closer and closer. Last weekend (Wednesday to Sunday) we stayed at our cottage in the southern parts of Sweden.It was a bit cold during the first couple of days, but then the sun arrived and made everything so much better. We had the funeral for my mother in law's sister Svea. It was a beautiful, but sad. Afterwards we just tried to keep up the spirit among us and for the brother Hartvig, who has lost two sister in a short time. He was happy to have company by us and my husbands cousin, too. 

During the weekend I did some gardening, took a walk and sat by the lake. And took a swim! The water was so extremely cold! But it felt good and I slept like a baby after that. 

Here are some photos from the weekend!

R2-D2 and C-3PO as cars, from Hot Wheels. Took this photo for the May 4th.

Some of the flowers at the funeral.
The old bridge and a area for the horses and sometimes even for BBQ party.

The very simple road to the lake.

Spring makes everything so light green.
During summer it is darker and when fall comes, it is yellow, orange and light brown.

Some parts of the road has gravel.
At the lake.

This is where I sit and breathe, think and enjoy my free time.

The lake Hörnen, where we swim. Some even fish, but I rather see the fish play and have fun.
Took along my little Blythe (Littlest Pet Shop Blythe) named Button. 

A house for the boats, fish nets, fishing rods and so on.
And Button, of course. 

Button sitting by the lake.

When I saw this the first time, I did not want to swim in the lake.
But the big fish does not swim near the people.
The smaller ones does and can even play with you, especially your feet.
The boars have made a mess, or just made it comfortable for themselves. There are many boars in these woods.
A boar family can be as big as 30 boars. Have seen and heard some.
There are even other animals like fox, squirrel, tawny owl, deer, moose and of course even butterflies, dragon flies, spiders, beetles, ants and so.

The forest has a lot of flowers, animals and insects. This blue flower is a hepatica.

Button sits among some wood sorrel. Those green leafs you can eat. They have a sourish taste. 

A secret portal? And where to?
This forest is a bit magical.

Here are some big ones. Would not call them pebbles, more steady rocks. There are a lot of
rocks around in these parts of Sweden. 

This is a windflower, an Anemone nemorosa.

Some rocks on pile. These have been either a part of a stone wall, a dwelling or a barn.
There are similar piles that have been an old grave.
This is the annex at our garden. The girls have their quarter there. Beds, furniture and lights.

And this is our cottage, built by my parents in law in the early 1960's. Two bedrooms, one kitchen, one bathroom, a dining place / living room and a tiny room for shoes, clothes and such.
So, this is a piece of Jakobstorp, a place where I spend my summers and free time as often as we can.  There is more, but that I can show you during our summer vacation. When the kids were small (before they started school) I lived here with them for about 6-7 months every year. Had a lot of help from the relatives who lived near and my hubby came every weekend, to be with us. I could study and work from there too, so it was a great time for us all. The kids grew up there and they love the place. And so do the rest of us. 

Hope that you are enjoying May and I wish you a happy weekend ahead.