Glittery hearts....

You know the feeling, when you browse the net just for fun and of course the places where they have all the dollies and you suddenly stumble over something that just takes your breath away. And you mind starts to travel far away in the dollie-land, with no contact with the real world?

Maybe a Phebe, if she would be mine.
Picture from Dollmore.
This happened to me the other day, when I visited Dollmore. They released a new Lusion Doll - Drawing Elenoir. My head popped and got filled with glittery hearts.
I saw her, in my mind, among the trees and stones near our cottage. Her wild hair blowing in the wind, she was on a mission. On a mission to find the faun she spotted some days earlier and she had her painting-stuff with her. No camera is good for her, she likes to paint it. While she is searching for the faun, she picks flowers and puts them in her hair. She sings a song or maybe she recites, whispering, her favorite poem. In the forest she is in her favorite element. Where ever she goes, there is a shining light - soft and warm. She is humble, artistic and merciful. And she listens to the name Phebe, meaning shining and pure.


  1. Lovely story, and evry pretty doll! Hope you can get her someday, Lusion dolls are gorgeous~!

    1. Thanks! She is really pretty and hubby said that she is "so me". And I hope so too, that I can get her someday...!

  2. I know that feeling well, haahaa. Love it! Your blog looks awesome too by the way! :D

    1. Haha, a well known feeling then! :D And thanks - I sat up one night and had fun with codes, simple graphic and such. :)


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