Cottage and Dolls

The dirt track to the lake.
The magical forest.
Our cottage and a part of the garden.
I am at our cottage right now. It is our summer place and there was a time, before the girls went to school, that I stayed here between May and October. Now the girls have their summer vacation and that is when we go here.
Some just show their butt.
Yummy berries, in the garden!
The place is called Jakobstorp and it is a little village with a magical forest and captivating surroundings. I have been here since 20 years back and have enjoyed it every time, even with the hard fact that the water does not always work, the rough thunderstorms, the wild boars and God knows what the forest keeps for animals.
Esther and Zipporah
Zipporah and Esther, indoors and outdoors
Enjoying the sun and the nature.
It is also a great place to just take your doll or dolls under your arm and the camera in the other hand, and just walk right out in the forest. But better watch out for hidden ponds under thick moss, roots to trip over and those silent wild boars that can look like a stone in the middle of the fields.
The lake and boat house.
There is a lake nearby too and it is perfect for swims in the morning, evening, after hard work in the garden or at late night just for fun. I can almost call the place private. It is at the end of the dirt track and that dirt track is private. 

This cottage was built in the 1960's by my parents-in-law. My mother-in-law has her family roots in this village and her sister and her brother still live here. 


  1. It really looks like a magical place! It is hard to find much magic in the desert in the summertime. :P

    1. There are some stories about this place, almost as legends. They who have lived here long have lots to tell! :)
      Well, a desert can be a great place, for fantasy and dragons! So magical! :)

  2. Summer cottages are the perfect places for relaxing and also taking pictures :) Looks like you're really enjoying your time there, as well as your dolls!

    1. They really are! This is a place to just be and take the day as it comes, for me, my family and dolls. It's the best! :)

  3. Heippa, lisäsin sivusi linkkeihini kun viimeinkin tajusin että voinhan vastalinkata ilman sitä banneriakin. :) Ihania kuvia kesämökiltä ja nukkesi ovat hurmaavia. :) Tutkailen blogiasi myöhemmin lisää. :D

    1. Heissunvei ja kiitos! :) Tervetuloa! :D Kesämökkeily on rauhoittavaa ja sitä niin kuin saa enemmän aikaa nukeille ja niin edelleen. Ei voi muuta tehdä kuin nauttia. :D


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