A little throwback

Two dolls from 2015
It is Thursday, so a throwback could be nice. I found two girls sitting on a book shelf in our living room and I started to wonder who long it was since I played with these two. Had to go back to my Instagram too see and I was amazed about the time. It was in April 2015. Three years.

From my Instagram.
Well, these two were my first dolls that I tried my so called skills on re-paint, face up and even material. I remember that I was waiting for the first sealant to arrive and I was so ready to do this. It was fun, I learned a lot.

The first doll is a Bratz, the one to the left. Originally she was a Bratz Yasmin, with those darker features and a beauty mark under her left eye. She was one of the dolls my daughters could give away, as long as she stayed here at home. The other one is Elyon, a character from the W.I.T.C.H comic series. The girls liked the comic serie and had their favourites. They watched the series many times and even had the books and comics to read. Well, it was mostly we as parents who read to them, until they started to learn themselves. We have some of the comics left, at the cottage. Elyon was my favourite, so when the dolls came, I bought one. The girls bought their favourites too.

This is Elyon's story, in the comic series:
"Elyon Brown is a heart-warming, kind, and caring teenager with straw colored hair in two braids. She is friendly and smart, however sometimes socially awkward, withdrawn and shy. Due to her young age, she is quite naive but her intelligence eventually leads her to the truth. is the Queen of Meridian, given the title 'Light of Meridian'. Elyon was born in Meridian, lone daughter to the Queen and King, and sole heir to the throne. However, after the disappearance of her parents, Meridianites named Galgheita (disguised as Mrs. Rudolph the Mathematics teacher on Earth), Miriadel and Alborn took her to Earth to protect her from her older brother, Phobos, who had plans to steal her superior magical powers. Elyon was raised there as a normal girl by Miriadel and Alborn under the aliases of Eleanor and Thomas Brown. She knew nothing of Meridian or her true identity."
I really like this story. And there is more, of course. The doll does not look anything like Elyon in the comic series and I may, some day, do her justice.


Well, otherwise it has been good over here. Hot, though and so much sun that everyone is amazed. We had over +30°C (86°F) in May and that is not normal at all. It felt like midst of the summer. The flowers that usually bloom about now, has already bloomed. The grass is not green, it is more light brown and dry. There has not been a drop of rain and the thunder storm that came last week, was just a couple of lightnings and ka-booms. Then suddenly the degrees drop 10-12°C, to just around +20°C. That felt cold, no fan was needed and it was time to get an extra blanket. I wonder how the summer will be, or if this was it?

I hope that you are doing well! Enjoy June!


  1. It's always such a nostalgic experience when we go through and find photos we've taken of earlier dolls. It brings back fond memories doesn't it? We all started somewhere in the dolly world. Mine were Xena dolls. I never took photos of them though, they were just collections in their boxes that were never opened. I sold them off a long time ago now but they do bring back fond memories of scouring the toy stores for them!

    1. It really is and does, for sure! I even remember where we bought these dolls, at a smaller toy store on the island Öland. It was a sunny day, too. And the twinkle of joy in my daughters' eyes, when they found their favourites. I probably had some kind of twinkle too. :D

      Xena dolls, based on the warrior Xena? Oh, I loved the series and used to watch it with my dad. Did not know they made Xena dolls, otherwise I think that I would have one.

  2. Dear Niina, Happy World Doll Day!

    1. Thank you so very much and happy world doll day to you too! :)

  3. Hi Niina, It's good to look back sometimes, it tends to give us an idea of how far we've come, but I try not to get too nostalgic these days. I still have on doll left from my original doll purchases, a custom Blythe,the rest of my Blythes have all found new homes.

    I could do with some of your sunshine, we've had our coldest May in 36 years! And you know how much I hate the cold, just thinking about it makes me shiver.


    1. Hello and let's change weather! This hot and sunny for your chilly one! If so, just for a couple of days! We need some rain, badly, because the heat itself have started fires and we are not allowed to water the gardens or use too much water when cooking. Firefighters need it.

      I enjoy walking back on the memory lane, so far it brings joy and shows a happy history - as you wrote, to see how far one has come!


  4. Oh, I know these W.I.T.C.H. dolls, but never knew that they were called that way! What a great story this doll has! It's nice to have fond memories and to have the dolls still that you repainted :-).
    Here in Belgium it has also been (unpleasantly) warm, I do hope that the Summer will not be too hot, I'd rather have mild Summer weather, but alas, we can't choose can we ;-D!
    I'm glad to read everything is going good :-).
    Many greetings, Linda

    1. Thank you, Linda! It is really nice to have these dollies around, even after just som years they resemble the beginning of the repaintings I did. Someday I may let some go, who knows.

      It has been a very hot May and beginning of June, and I'm so much more into those cooler days. And, yes, we can not choose at all. :D We just need to take it as it comes and do the best of it.

      Enjoy the new week and take care!

  5. I love looking back at dolly photos too, these are a cute pair and it's fun to customise them, isn't it? I haven't done a thing with a few Disney dolls that I bought especially to work on, but I must get around to it soon.
    I'm glad you had good weather but hope that it comes back again in the summer for you. It's been really weird here, and we're still not experiencing the warm balmy evenings that we usually have about now. But it's hot during the day now, finally!!!

    1. It is really fun to customize dolls, could not agree more. Doing some face ups on these made me more confident to try on resin, even if that took some trying before I got the hang of it. Hope that you find some time to work on the Disney dolls you have.
      The weather has changed now, it has been rainy and some thunder storms have flown over here. But it can still be rather warm, but not so hot ans sweaty as it was earlier. Hope that the rest of the summer will be nice, look forward to gardening and swimming in the lake and taking out my dollies for some photos, while sightseeing.


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