Sunday, July 5, 2020


I hope that you are doing well. 

Bentley met a cat! 'Come on, play with me!'

He turned one year in April and has been with us one year since June. 
I have been deep down in the rabbit hole, like Alice in Wonderland, when it comes to my life. Since my last entry it has been much ado about nothing, really. It has been the normal stuff in life - graduation for my youngest daughter (aesthetics/theater) in the middle of the covid-19 and all that it can bring, planning for a summer at home instead of the cottage, walking Bentley, starting my summer class, searching for literature, getting sweaty during the heat wave and now freezing when the degrees drop down to half of the heat wave’s….
Have not had so much time for dollies, which is sad. I am enjoying my studies, but it has some time to get through those thick books and start to write the first essay. Next one is due in a month. It feels like a long time, but I can assure that it is not. At the moment I am studying at the Department of Film and Literature about Harry Potter from an intermedial perspective. It is all about the Harry Potter phenomenon from different perspectives and at the same time the course introduces different tools for understanding literature, especially children’s and young adult’s literature. And guess what? I can read the books and watch the movies and study material. Of course there is required reading too about convergence culture, critical perspectives and the history about literature.

Beautiful box. A bit damaged in the corner.
And now over to a doll.

For some days ago I ordered a Barbie from the BMR1959 Streetwear Culture collection. She is such a beauty and I just could not leave her there. With her dark skin and Made to Move Curvy body I could not ask for more. While waiting I surfed the net and read some reviews that made me a bit nervous. I did not want to put such amount of money on a Barbie and then getting a doll with faults to cringe about.

Our roses in our backyard here at home. Should I call her Rose?
Despite the rather strange outfit she has that reminds me of the outfits I had when I was a teenager (nope, will not talk about that, lol) she is beautiful when it comes to her face and her hair. Clothes can always be changed, even if the flowery dress suits during summer time. The pattern is fun and I have seen fashion like this come back during this year, so she is not so off when it comes to that. And she even has golden nail polish. Maybe to match the golden boots.

Off to read something!
I am very happy with her. She poses well and the box is such delight to look at. 

Enjoy the new week ahead!


  1. Hello! I'm glad to hear that your summer course is going well and that you're enjoying it. I'm glad that you're BMR lady came in mint condition. She is stunning, but I still feel like they're a bit pricey for what you're getting.

    I hope you can find more time to play with your dolls, but I do understand that studies come first. I wonder why you can't go to the cottage. Aren't you allowed to travel to another part of the country?

    Hope you too have a great week

    1. Thank you! She is really stunning and pricey too. Because I ordered her directly from a toy store here in Sweden, the price got up a nudge or two. Some props or more clothes would have been great to receive, but anyway - I am happy with her!

      I hope that too. There will be some intense weeks but I hope I can squeeze in some time for dollies between lectures and reading.

      That is true, we are not allowed to travel more than 2 hours at max from our homes and our cottage is about 6 hours away. And it is situated in a county where covid-19 is increasing at the moment. So we took the decision to stay home and enjoy the summer here. We hope that it looks different in late Autumn and that we can take some days off to just check things up at the cottage during a weekend or so.

      Take care and Happy Monday!

  2. Congratulations to your daughter graduating! The course you do seems very interesting, I wish you much inspiration for your essay! Doggie is so adorable, and photogenic, I enjoy pictures of Bentley every time. :) Also congratulations with your new doll, who's face I love (make-up, hair, face mould). Hugs!

    1. She greets thank you! :)
      It is a very interesting course and a lot to read too, but at the same time fun.
      Bentley is used to our smart phones and computers. And he is more still now, compared to his puppy days.
      Thank you, she is a beautiful Barbie!

  3. First, congrats to your daughter for her graduation! I hope she was still able to somewhat celebrate despite the pandemic. And Bentley is looking like such an adult now and no longer a puppy. He is such a gorgeous dog. He might have wanted to play with the cat but looks like the cat had other ideas!!

    I commend you for studying. I don't think I could ever do it now. I didn't hate study when I was a lot younger than I am now but I never really enjoyed it either. I thought a bit about going back to study and maybe get a Diploman or Certificate in something but by the time I finished it, I think I would be ready to retire from the workforce (although I am ready to retire now!!) so it might end up being a waste of money! I do find what you're studying interesting though. It sounds really intriguing plus you get to watch the movies again!

    Ah you have this BMR doll too! Now there are a few of us in the blog circle that own this doll. I love it. She is gorgeous isn't she? My favourite thing about her is her skin colour. It's just so gorgeous. I now have two dolls in this skin colour and I love it. I'm glad there were no issues with her for you. I didn't much like her outfit either but I also haven't got around to redressing her yet. You might have inspired me to do that!

    Did you see there is a second wave of BMR dolls? I didn't really like any of the new ones thankfully!

    1. She says thank you! She celebrated for a while at a friends place with her class having a champagne breakfast and then at the school and no relatives were allowed. Got her grades and could do a little run out of the large school doors. Then teachers guided them safely to a area from where they could say happy summer to the friends and slowly get picked up by on parent. It was well organized. Then we celebrated at home in the safety, with no relatives. It was odd, but it worked out just great.

      I did a bit of hesitating when it came to my studies. It has been several years and I felt that my brain really was not so much into that. But at the moment I am really enjoying this and as you say - I get to watch the movies again! Do not complain about that! :)

      She is really gorgeous! Her skin color is the one reason I wanted to buy her. I have been looking for some patterns to redress her in something else. And yes, I saw that there were new BMR dolls now. Did not really like the new ones and if I would by one, it would be her with the pink hair. My youngest daughter wanted to see the dolls too, while I was surfing around at Mattel, and said that the first wave had the best dolls and this one I ordered was the best among those. :)

  4. Hi Niina,
    Looks like Alasse has already covered everything, so I'll just add ~ your Lupines look beautiful and Bentley is as handsome as always. :)
    Big hugs,

    1. Hello! True, she covered everything! 😊👍🏼
      And thank you! Bentley is a photogenic dog!
      Big hugs!


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