Holiday Greetings

Noomi wishes you a blessed Christmas
and the best for 2016.
It is the day before Christmas Eve over here in Sweden. A day when most of us run around like lost chickens searching for the best gift, the best food and the most beautiful thing to wear on the day when we meet relatives, friends and loved ones. It can be stressful. And every year we promise ourselves to take it easier, do things earlier and let the holidays just come to us.

A promise hard to keep.

And I am one of them who has troubles keeping that promise. Christmas comes anyway, with or without the running, searching and stressing. As long as I have my family around and see my two girls happy, then I am happy. And then some food and chocolate on that, I'm good. I wish you, my dear friend, will have a marvelous Christmas and that you find some joy, peace and love.

May all the joys
of Christmas
fill your heart
the New Year.
Have a blessed Christmas!


  1. Happy Christmas to you and your family~ ♥ I agree that Christmas can be such a stressful time >.< We should always remember that spending a great holiday with our family is the most important thing, much better than any presents~

    1. Thank you so much! And I agree, so much better to spend time with the ones you love, instead of the presents. Hope you have a very nice time during the holidays with the ones you love! <3

  2. I'm very good at planning ahead so all the presents were reading 2 weeks ago :D but it's still a caotic time haha

    Have a wonderful christmas with all your loved ones~ Hugs!

    1. Oh, I should really start to use the thing called planning! :D Even my hubby says that planning is a good thing. But this year the most important thing is to breathe and just take it as it comes.
      I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with the ones you love. <3

  3. Merry Christmas to you! :3
    I hope you made it without too much stress and had a wonderful day with you loved ones. <3

    1. Thanks! Christmas was lovely and with lots of cookies, joy and glitter. And today we got snow! Hopefully you had a marvelous time during Christmas. <3

  4. I hope you had a nice Christmas! I think I actually did get some good rest this year, and took it easy! XD It is hard to do though! *hugs*

    1. I had a lovely and calm Christmas - well needed, even if I tend to stress and run around a bit. :D I focused on baking cookies! So yummy! Hugs!


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