The memory lane

This year is soon over in just a couple of weeks. It is amazing how time have passed by so fast. It is with some kind of relief I look back on the year 2015 and think that I am so glad that there is a new one coming soon and I hope the best for 2016. 

While waiting for the Christmas Holidays and the New Year, I have been looking at some old photos and I thought I could share some of these with you as I walk the memory lane. The most of the photos are taken in 2013, in the summer while we were at our cottage in south Sweden. It was a rather hot day, with a thunder storm hanging over us. I remember taking a swim in the lake just before it tumbled all over us with hard rain, loud thunder and we all hoped for cooler weather. No luck there.

It is amazing how photos bring back memories. You just do not see the moment, you feel it, you remember details about it, happenings before and after and even the smells that moment. That is why I love photography. It is not just a picture.

Can be image heavy. And the photos are taken before my third doll, Noomi, came home.

Esther in a tiny top from Build a Bear. The tine bear's clothes suits her just fine!
Esther by the tree, that I have tried to keep small.
It looks like she is taking a selfie, but she is not. She is hugging the tree. 
Esther in the woods nearby our cottage.
Zipporah and Esther in the garden, by our cottage. I remember that is was warm that day.
Esther in profile. She has soft lines. She is a bit yellowish, but that is a part of her personality.
Those two, always together or nearby each other.
Zipporah in the back and Esther in the from, in the middle of the woods.
It was a hot day and even the animals were silent.
There was a thunder storm heading our way later that day.
Zipporah and Esther.
Different wigs, different looks.
Still having some issues with the wigs and I am wondering,
as probably many of you too are, what wigs suits the best.
Shoes and legs.
Sometimes I wish I could find shoes with pink, yellow or
brow/beige for these two girls. Often the shoes are sold out.
Zipporah in Esther's wig. That kind of wig in pink would be nice. Maybe in two colors too. 
Zipporah is enjoying her time at the cottage.
Nature, animals, near to the lake, freedom....Can it get any better?


  1. I enjoyed this post so much! Not only is great to see your old photos but comparing them to the newer ones the feeling is different, almost like I can tell this is the past hehe
    And you also have improved so much!

    I don't want this year to end though ahaha. I wish you the best for the next one!

    1. Thanks! I am glad that you liked this post! It was fun to find those older photos and it gives me an opportunity to see what have changed and what I can do more, to get better and take different photos.
      In just a couple of weeks this year will be over. I am happy that you had a good one and I hope the next one will be as good as 2015 and even better! :)

  2. I wish I saved my older photos. I just tend to get rid of them because their old shells seemed hard to bond with. I'm happy with my babes now though, so maybe if I make changes in the future I can hang on to the old.

    Your dolls are so lovely! I love seeing your photos. :D

    1. I try to save so much photos as I can, as originals. But sometimes there is no room on the computer or in the cloud. Then I mostly get rid of the photos not including my dolls or family. But I know that there will be a day when I need to do something about that too. Dropbox will do until that day.
      Thanks for liking my dolls and photos. With these two I have bonded well, need to work a bit with Noomi too. We are getting there. :)

  3. I love seeing photos of dolls outside. Your girls are so adorable, they seem to enjoy the calm summer. ^^ Your Esther is so beautiful, I love dolls with half closed eyes, the dreaming eyes. <3 ^^

    1. Thanks Xaya! The light outdoors are so different compared to the light indoors. It is much easier to get the "right" light, especially in the morning and before mid-day. Esther is one of my favorites, but then she is my very first doll too. :) She was the first doll I saw with half closed eyes and she looked to calm and shy. Suited me well and the personality I had in mind.

  4. I was so sure I getting new posts from you, but apparently not o.o Sorry about the lack of comments, but I thought you weren't posting since I got no notifications :(

    But you shared some really lovely pictures :) Your girls are so adorable!

    1. Oh my, sometimes the Internet just has a life of its own, but I hope that you get notifications now. And it's okay, things like this can happen :)
      And thanks, I really have bonded well with these two girls. <3


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