Noomi, a Mokashura Duyou.

Noomi is my third doll from the doll company Dollmore. I ordered her in September 2014 and she arrived in the end of that year. It felt like a rather short wait, or maybe I just had gotten used to the wait after the earlier doll orders. 

Noomi with her big eyes and new face up.
When I saw this doll at the first time, I thought that it was a doll in the size of Lati Yellow and similar. The last photo on the company's page said the opposite. Suddenly it was a huge doll. So, in some seconds I changed my mind. But I could not get her cute face of my mind and those adorable eyes just etched deep into my soul. After some thinking, looking at box openings, reading reviews on different sites - I took another decision. I ordered her with a face up, body blushing, clothes, shoes and two wigs. I went all in. And then I lived with an empty wallet. 

She came one early morning, the mailman said he was sorry and I stood there in my pajamas and my hair looking like a wild bird nest. I took the heavy box, went to my bed and started to slowly breathe, open the box and feeling the joy. Such a huge doll and so, so pretty. I was overwhelmed by the cuteness.

Face up done, ready for lashes.

"She can probably fly away with these lashes" was my first thought.

But with the eyes and wig, it did not look too bad.
This year I have had her for almost 4 years. Her place among my other dollies have grown and I really adore her. There has been some moments that have given me some serious thoughts of letting her go, especially her being so heavy and me having some issues with the tilting head and my carpal tunnel syndrome. These three things to not match. But she is still around and will be for a long, long time. When my hands cannot handle it, I give her to someone else in my family to hold so that I can take some photos. There is always a solution.

Noomi, with sunbeams and a new face up.

The Doll Shaming tag on Instagram was a really fun thing to do.
A smaller wig, a wig cap or even velcro is needed to keep the wig in place.
In the beginning of this year, I saw that her eye lashes started to literally fall apart. Decided to take those off, but the glue - a nightmare. It ended in a clean doll face and a new face up. My daughters bought some eye lashes to me, that I could use. And now she is back to normal.

Her legs, especially the knee joints has a life of their own.
It is ok as long as one does not twist the legs too much. 

Knees in right place, but as you see -
too much twisting makes some marks on the body blushing.
Nothing bad and it can be fixed, but anyway...

"What is this thingy?" A very good thingy.
The body has one on each butt/leg and makes her sit very stable.
No tilting, no falling back and no troubles getting her to sit.
Just perfect!
Tilting head gives a strange throat, almost like an Adam's apple.

Just a bit to make it better.
Her body is perfect in size and it could be amazing if the head was a bit tinier. And it would just be a little change in the back part of the head. I do not know if there has been any changes to the head with the newer versions of this doll. Maybe I will find out when my wallet is feeling better and I can order Noomi a brother. The boy version is just adorable.

Here are the measurements for Mokashura Doll.

- Height: 40.5cm (16inch) 
- Head: 32cm (13 inch wig) 
- Eyes: 28mm 
- Neck: 10cm 
- Bust: 19cm 
- Shoulder: 7cm 
- Waist: 18.5cm 
- Hip: 25.3cm 
- Foot : 5.5cm (width 2.8cm) 
- Shoulder to the end of finger: 16cm 
- Waist to the end of foot: 21.5cm 
- Hip to the end of foot: 17cm

I hope that you are doing well. I am at our cottage right now, we drove here yesterday. I did some gardening that day too, so now I am a bit sore, mostly in the arms. Yesterday was sunny and even this morning had a warm fuzzy feeling, but then the rain came. Tomorrow we hope for a road trip in sunshine. Enjoy the new week!


  1. The big eyes are so adorable, I can see why you love her despite everything :-). That butt thingy seems to be very handy! I hope you'll be able to buy her brother one day :-). I'll cross my fingers for sunny days coming your way, for more lovely road trips!

    1. Thank you, she is really adorable and that is why I still have her. <3 I think that the most dolls should have a butt thing, to make it easier to pose and get the dolls to sit - especially the larger dolls. And yes to more road trips in sunshine, we had a great day yesterday. Hope to share some photos soon!

  2. Wow I actually thought she was Lati or Pukifee size. I did not realise she was MSD size! With the head tilting, have you tried putting a bit of glue sueding around the rim of the neck part of her head (the part that sits on top of the neck). I find this can help. My Dollzone Hid had the head tilting backwards and forwards randomly problem and I put a bit of glue sueding on that area and it's fixed the problem.

    She is a beautiful doll and I think you've done great with the face ups you've given her.

    1. Yes, wow - she is big! When the box was delivered to me, it really felt heavy and large. Some call this doll for a baby doll, and maybe there is a point in that.

      Great tip with the glue sueding. Need to try this. Thought that I could test a tiny rubber band just in the neck and head area, but then there is the part with staining and a rubber band (how tiny it may be) can slip here and there. Better with glue! Thanks for the tip!

      And thanks for liking her face up. I am pretty happy with it myself. Wanted to make a little change, but not much. :)

  3. She has a beautiful sweet face Niina, but where on earth do you find 28mm eyes!!! And there are so few wig choices in that size, aren't there! I can only imagine how heavy she is, that size = lots of resin!!! I think she's lovely though and can see why you'd want to keep her forever!!

    1. Thank you!
      Lol! Her eyes are huge too! First time I looked at the eyes outside her head, I was a bit amazed. Wondered too, if Dollmore where I bought her, had extra eyes. Gladly they do. The eyes need to be in light material, will not stay in place otherwise. And the wigs are a problem. Too big or too small. Had velcro, but even that was not totally free from struggle.
      But in the end, she has more pros than cons. :)

  4. She is so cute, but I agree with Sharon! How did you find the eyes? I'm really curious about how she looks near other dolls, as she appears to have a very special scale!

    1. Thank you! Gladly Dollmore sent eyes with my order of this doll, so I did not have to worry. But the eyes are pretty huge, so finding from someone else may be a bit difficult, if one does not make a special order.
      Ah, never thought about that - but I can take a picture with some other dolls and post it one day soon. It can be interesting to see!


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