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Too Spooky Halloween Monster Tag

It is Autumn. The nights are getting colder, the days crispier and one spooky holiday is getting near. The shops are bursting with skulls, spiders and pumpkins, crows, blinking things and all i black, red, orange and some white. And what does suit to this season, over the scary things? Well, a Halloween Monster tag! I was tagget by Musume, thank you. You can read her post here. The questions you can find in the end of this post and cope them from there, paste then into your post.
Here is my answers, take a cup of coffee, tea or maybe a glass of good lemonade and read. Werewolf – How has the hobby “transformed” you? I have always had a big interest in dollies. In the beginning I had Barbies, as almost anybody else. I had some Sindy-dolls too and those where the best things. Later my interest changed to ball jointed dolls and Monster high dolls. I felt that this was more me. I feel that the hobby has made me bloom, made me take more chances when it comes to making clothes, repainting an…