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A better year coming, hopefully!

When 2015 started I felt that it was not going to be a good year. Maybe that jinxed the year, but I am glad that 2015 just has some hours left and that a new one is heading our way. Some of you are already there and I just hope that it feels like a good year for you. The clock over here is just half past nine in the evening. Later I will go out with the girls to see the fireworks, as we always have done.
I started this blog in early January 2015 and have slowly started to build up a place for me to meet other with the same interests all around the world. I have found many new friends and I am so glad about that. Thank you for being there, sending comments and love. 
I have found a new interest in painting again. I have bought some new materials and woke up my painting "skills" and found a new palette and a new basis to color - the monster high doll faces. That made me practice on symmetry, fantasy and to never give up aka handle my frustration. 
I am very glad for all the t…

Holiday Greetings

It is the day before Christmas Eve over here in Sweden. A day when most of us run around like lost chickens searching for the best gift, the best food and the most beautiful thing to wear on the day when we meet relatives, friends and loved ones. It can be stressful. And every year we promise ourselves to take it easier, do things earlier and let the holidays just come to us.
A promise hard to keep.
And I am one of them who has troubles keeping that promise. Christmas comes anyway, with or without the running, searching and stressing. As long as I have my family around and see my two girls happy, then I am happy. And then some food and chocolate on that, I'm good. I wish you, my dear friend, will have a marvelous Christmas and that you find some joy, peace and love.

May all the joys of Christmas fill your heart throughout the New Year. Have a blessed Christmas!

The memory lane

This year is soon over in just a couple of weeks. It is amazing how time have passed by so fast. It is with some kind of relief I look back on the year 2015 and think that I am so glad that there is a new one coming soon and I hope the best for 2016. 
While waiting for the Christmas Holidays and the New Year, I have been looking at some old photos and I thought I could share some of these with you as I walk the memory lane. The most of the photos are taken in 2013, in the summer while we were at our cottage in south Sweden. It was a rather hot day, with a thunder storm hanging over us. I remember taking a swim in the lake just before it tumbled all over us with hard rain, loud thunder and we all hoped for cooler weather. No luck there.
It is amazing how photos bring back memories. You just do not see the moment, you feel it, you remember details about it, happenings before and after and even the smells that moment. That is why I love photography. It is not just a picture.
Can be imag…