Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Polly's new you

I know that I said that I will not do this, but I did it anyway. Gave Polly a new face and a new hair.

Did it the usual way - making wefts, gluing, waiting and gluing again. I watched several videos, like this one, for an example. I did not have a hair straightener, but I used a thin towel, put the hair in between and pressed with an iron (medium hot) as I slowly pulled the yarn between the towel. The same result. It is so soft and you can style it just with your fingers, but… This red wig is really red and at times it is hard to take photos, because it reflects and does crazy things in different lights. It has been darker outdoors too, with the heavy rain, thunderstorms and cloudy weather. And hubby's smart phone, that he has at work, is so much better handling all these stuff than my older phone.

She still has her cute dress and she will keep it, but I made her a hat out of paper. The bow she had, just did not work anymore. Her face is really tiny, so it was a bit difficult to keep my hands steady and then I had trouble keeping the pens sharp enough. But I am rather pleased with the results, though. 

She is a tiny little cutie. Here comes some photos.

"So much fluffy hair, love it!"

Chilling a bit.

"Hey, what is in my hair?"

"You listen now! I am a Princess, with a capital P!"

Wish you all a lovely week
an even lovelier weekend ahead!