Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Pumpkin and the Piggies

It was just an ordinary day before Halloween at the Piggies home. The colder days had arrived and there was some chilly winds blowing over the fields around their home. The city lights gave the sky a different color and in the silence of the countryside you could hear the noises from the life in the city. On this day Mrs Piggie came home from the market and had something along. Mr Piggie did not like this huge thing with a face. He was scared. So scared, that he did not realize that Mrs Piggie had a t-shirt with a pumpkin on.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Some toys

Inspired by several of you and the toys you have, I thought that I could share some of mine with you. The last week at the cottage, I tried to pick the best day between rain, hard wind and a bit better weather (that is the totally gray day) to take some photos. These are just a tiny bit of the ones I have and I hope that I can share some more later on, because it was very fun to 'dust' these toys and think about the memories around them. 

So here goes!

These three are called "Mucklor" and they are tiny characters from the Swedish children's book about Pettson and his cat Findus. Pettson is an old farmer, who lives in a small ramshackle farmhouse in the countryside. The first book came in 1984. These tiny characters can only been seen by the cat. I bought these at a store in Kalmar on one of the trips we made there several years ago.