Ever After high doll, Briar Beauty, is now Story. She is an ordinary girl, who is very careful with her appearance. Everything must look nice and proper. She has her opinions and is not easily affected by other individuals. Maybe we can call her a bit stubborn, even if she does not like it. Deep down she knows that we have a point there. She dreams of a future helping the elderly. They have so much to tell and she loves to listen!

Her white dots in the eyes look like pearls, so I gave her the name Shinju, 真珠, pronounced sheen-joo. It means "Pearl". She was a Ever After High, Madeline Hatter. She was fearfully and wonderfully made in the water. It was on a hot day and she was walking by the Kumanu River in Kii Peninsula. She wanted to feel the water with her hands and when she tried, she fell in the river. The river took her deep and far away the place she was walking at. She would have ended up in the Pacific Ocean if she had not got some help from a buddhist monk. Today she is a silent helper at the Buddharama Temple, Sweden.

Monster High doll, Honey Swamp, is still Honey. She is a bit sad, not knowing why. It was a long time ago when she smiled and many have tried to make her happy again. But so far has nothing changed. No jokes, no funny faces or stories help. Her life is a big secret, she rather not talk about it. But she is kind and helping.

Ever After High doll, Raven Queen, is now Fayanna. She was a Pierrette with big dreams and she had a role in the crazy circus called Circus Lunaire. She radiates confidence, trust and belief. And the day she would break free from the life at the circus, finally came. She could escape and she run like she never had run, through the tivoli place, the nearest city and the forest. Her clothes got dirty and she had trouble breathing, but she continued running until she saw a cute door in a stump. She knocked and an old lady with her cat opened the door. This lady took good care of Fayanna, who today lives free as an elf.

Up she came, from the deep ocean, leaving her father and mother behind. She wanted to try the new world above the water. Her father, an anglerfish, was upset and disappointed. His lure did not shine, he was not hungry and he started to hide deep down in the ocean. Her mother, a mermaid, did all she could to make her daughter change her mind. But this little girl wanted to dance, dance and dance. After some discussions and her seeing her father getting so sad, this girl decided to stay in the ocean but visit the land when ever she could, just to dance. She was a Lagoona Blue, but now she is Lahja.

Monster High doll, Venus McFlytrap, is now Vera. She is into gardening and reading. If you are looking for her, you will find her under the big orchid, reading a book about the latest thing in gardening or about the newest flowers. You can ask her about anything when it comes to green leaves, purple flowers and dark soil.

With her hair in a pony tail and her pink scarf around her neck, she rushes to the bus. Her bag, where she has the schoolbooks, bounces against her leg. She is always late and running from place to place. No wonder that she have not fallen and broken her legs in those high heels she has. She is bright and likes the odd subjects at school. No one can make numbers and difficult words look so easy to work with as she does. At her free time she relaxes - watching old movies, reading the magazines and bakes cookies. Her name is Appuru.

Monster High Doll, Howleen Wolf, is today Héloïse. She was born on a cold winter night in the year 1100, on the attic to a nunnery. She is and always have been an adolescentula, she never gets older then she is now. She is happy and likes the dark woods. She gets a good laugh being scary in her own perky way.

Everytime she came down the hallway in the big building, it sounded loud and heavy. It was scary for the new ones in this special place for all those strange creatures. And Gráinne, as her name is, is one of the strange creatures. She is the talest one and she often hits her head in the lamps, doorways and where the roofs are lower. But she is kind at heart and pink as candy. Her voice is soft and mild, the others love to listen to her stories. And she has many stories to tell. She has been around for a very long time.

While singing "I never promised you a rosegarden..." she decorates the Christmas tree in her tiny living room with roses in different colors. This tree is always there. It is just the decorations that change, from season to season. Right now it is roses. In some weeks it will be snowmen and gingerbread. Her name is Rose and she was a Freaky Fusion before her new life started. She still reads books, enjoys a good movie and likes her life in the little cottage, in the middle of nowhere.