In the middle of nowhere, lives Polly. She is often mistaken for a child because of her childish behaviour and the way she looks, so charmingly cute. The princess hat does not help, but you better be careful. She knows her ways in the forest and she can cast a spell on you!

Her house is located under a tree. It has just a couple of rooms and she lives there alone. Well, if you do not count the different animals, the wights and the fairies. She moved to this place in the late 1600's and then she was the first one to build a place for herself. Others have tried to become her neighbours, but that has never happened. I do wonder why. And I do wonder why she can keep herself so young!

During the day she takes her nightly homemade remedies to the underground market to sell. She really knows her ways when it comes to healing, wishes and spells. On the weekends she mends her garden, filled with death cap, eyeball pea, hypnosunflower, sleepgrass and many more. And of course there are some normal things as apples, pears and blueberries.

She likes to read in her old books for spells, recipes and wisdom. Some late evenings she can knit all the way into the sunrise.