It is Friday and weekend is here! I am sitting here after our dinner, pasta carbonara, and just surfing the net. The girls have survived the week at school and hubby is still at work - he will be home later this evening. 

On Wednesday I took the bus to the city with the girls. The younger one had her lesson at the theatre and the older one wanted to come with, because she had seen a t-shirt at H&M that she wanted. Luckily she found it. I was on a hunt too. Had not so much hope to getting lucky, but it is almost always fun to go looking in shops.

In her box
It was about 6 months ago I saw the Monster High Gooliope Jellington at Toys r us and my first thought was that she is huge! That day I just looked around and made some future plans when it comes to the collection I have with Monster and Ever After. But after that this Gooliope have grown in my mind and when we came home from the cottage I started to look after her in stores, mostly on the internet. 
She can not hide!
Sold out. Nothing in stock. Nothing at the supplier. So, I thought that she will not be in my collection. It felt rather sad, but I gave it a last try in the city knowing that I have two toy stores there. At the first one, they had almost nothing and surely no Gooliope. Tired after being in the city for some hours walking around and shopping other things (thread, limo and so on) I said to my oldest daughter that let's take a look at the odd toyshop and....
She is home
....lucky me! There she was! But just a few! And on sale! What a feeling. Contacted my hubby and said that I found her! Oh my, buy! was his answer! 

You will meet her, again, later on. 


  1. That is awesome!! I'm glad you found her in the end, that's a very pretty one, I don't think I've ever seen that release here, but I do't check MH too often because I get so tempted ha! XD

    1. Thanks! Gooliope, she is just something else and I am glad that I found her. My youngest daughter have several MH and that is the way I found these dolls. I almost check the toy shops when I am down town - you never know what you find, and of course get so, so tempted! :D

  2. I am always so excited when I find one I like! Sales are pretty good on Amazon, so that's where I have been getting mine from. Glad you found her, she's lovely!

    1. I look forward to make some clothes to Gooliope. I noticed that she in some way have the same size in knitted clothes as my Narsha-dolls. Just some small adjustments is needed. I was at the local market today but they did not have anything new at the doll front. It's always a joy to find one you have been looking for! :)


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