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Oh my!

It is said that you should trust that somethings happens for a reason. The last two weeks have been more of "oh my" than "hurray". We had a lovely stay at my mother-in-law and came home rested. Oldest daughter went to school and youngest daughter started her internship at the local flower store. I had plans for having fun with photography, dolls and painting. Well, nothing of this happened.
First we thought it was mosquito bites. Then that it was allergies. But then it was chicken pox. On a teenager. Surprise, surprise! Youngest daughter got the spots first and some days later the fever and other symptoms came. I phoned the nurse at the local health care centre and she was totally sure that it was chicken pox and said that we should keep her home at least for 7-10 days. There was nothing to do about this. And now our oldest daughter has it and are home, with spots and fever.  This gave us some extra work to contact schools, theatre, church and let others know, so …

Meet 真珠 - Shinju

When I search for inspiration I usually take the highway to art - galleries, internet and social media. I have my favorites in Rudy Fig, Kelly Vivanco, Juri Ueda and Jasmine Becket-Griffith, just to mention some. Do you have some artists (painters, musicians, actors and so on) as inspiration?
This time I turned to Juri Ueda, a watercolor painter from Osaka, in Japan, who has been creating these wonderful paintings with a tiny bit of fantasy worlds since 2007. On paper. When it comes to repaints and OOAK-dolls, I am no master at it, but I think it is fun to try new things, new techniques and I see the face of a doll as a tabula rasa, a blank slate. More accurate though, as an erased slate. I looked at my Madeline Hatter, an Ever After High doll and felt that she was rather dull and I wanted to do something about that.  So I cleaned her for the second time and stared at her, all naked. I got my inspiration from the painting above. In the beginning I felt that her face was a little bit …

Easter was and went

Back home again, since two days. The Easter holidays went by really fast and I would have loved to stay for some more days, but ordinary days are here and the girls have their school on Monday - so, it is just to go with the flow. But soon it will be summer and we can enjoy our vacation in Blekinge for a longer time than just some days. I took some photos while we took a trip to the cottage. Hope that you had a marvellous time during Easter! What did you do?