Easter was and went

Back home again, since two days. The Easter holidays went by really fast and I would have loved to stay for some more days, but ordinary days are here and the girls have their school on Monday - so, it is just to go with the flow. But soon it will be summer and we can enjoy our vacation in Blekinge for a longer time than just some days. I took some photos while we took a trip to the cottage. Hope that you had a marvellous time during Easter! What did you do?
Some of my collected cars.
I placed them on the gravel road to
our cottage and to the lake.
The workers in the forest got some
help from the storm. But that did not end well.
We had some obstacles on our walk down to the lake.
Story takes a rest on my younger daughter's shoulder.
My daughter found the ears from the Ariana Grande
concert from last year. The ears was at the cottage and
was easiest carried on the head. Both of them, even sisters.
Down by the lake. Had some Sonny Angels along too.
And of course a LPS Deer.
Story holds her skirt tight in the wind. Not enough with
hands, who will keep my hair in place!
Well, maybe it was a bit fun to see the woods, lake and
enjoy the nature. Maybe. These raindrops are wet
and cold. They make me look crazy.
I need a towel!


  1. Nice to hear you had fun at the cottage! :) I'm always exited to see the lakes and forests, that reminds me of home-home. :D We went to see my boyfriends parents on Good Friday and came back home on Saturday. Sunday we had some friends over and played boardgames which I also participated (I often don't) and on Monday we just enjoyed the nice weather outside! ^^ Helsinki doens't have much snow anymore and the Disc Golf course was quite nice even if it was super muddy!

    I love the little cars and you Story on your daughters shoulder, that's so sweet! ^^ Hehee the little bare bottoms with Story, they're so funny and happy looking. :D It is like Marilyn moment when you have the wind on your skirt and not enough hands to keep everything in place.

    I'm sure your summer at the cottage will be something to wait for. ^^

    1. I got so much energy being at the cottage, I really enjoy my time there and I do not mind the weather either. At summer time the thunderstorms are really bad, but the best! I look forward to the summer....even if it means meeting the boars and spiders. Yikes!

      It sounds like you had a nice Easter, even if it was just the weekend. Sometimes you only need a little time off. And I can imagine the muddiness too, at the Disc Golf - interesting sport by the way! :)

      Haha, yes, it really can be seen as a Marilyn moment. :D My youngest daughter are a bit interested in dolls, so she can really get into it. She has some MH-dolls and those I can not touch, even if I really want to face up some of them. "Get your own" is her answer! :)

  2. That place is so dreamy~ I've lived in the city my entire life, I'd love to live somewhere like that someday too~

    My easter was only the weekend, had to work on monday so I didn't do much, I used the time to rest :D! the week went fast since I was busy with work.

    I'm glad you had so much fun and I hope you get to go again soon

    1. I have lived a long time in the city, at the west coast here in Sweden (Gothenburg) and it was rather strange to move to this little town, where I live right now. I was not used to talk and say hello to everybody, because in the city we just minded our own business. Rather sad, I think, because now I am used to say "hello" and talk. And the time at the cottage - short or long - can be well needed. I hope that you someday can find a place that gives you time to breathe and a peace of mind. We all need that.

      Rest is good! Today I have just done that. Feels good! :)

      Look forward to summer but hope to take a little trip before.

  3. Hi Niina,
    Lovely photos, it looks like a very peaceful and relaxing place for a holiday. When you're retired one day is pretty much the same as the next, so nothing exciting to report. We did enjoy eating the chocolate bunnies & eggs though. :)

    1. Thanks Xanadu! It is a great place to enjoy ones free time, even the kids think so, despite they are teenagers and are not looking for silent days in the woods.
      And who says no to eating the chocolate bunnies and eggs!? Yummy!

  4. Haha great photos ^^

    Here we had holidays from Thursday to Monday. It's very interesting to hear how it differs with the countries, even though it is a biblical holiday :D
    I celebrated my birthday in Easter, so it was nice to be able to have the whole family come together. ^^

    1. Thanks Kirstine and happy belated birthday! Wonderful to celebrate birthday and Easter like that with the whole family.
      And I agree with you, it is very interesting to hear how others have celebrated Easter, the biblical holiday, and how it can differ. Our girls went to church with their dad, while I kept mother-in-law company and made dinner. Even in a family it can differ. :)

    2. Thank you! :D
      Yes! It was great having everybody over for Easter Dinner ^^
      It's fun that we have decided on different holidays for Easter. I know they have 2 weeks holiday in England. :O
      Haha true. Even in families XD

    3. Two weeks! I would not say no to that! :D

  5. Such neat photos! I especially love the toy cars! They look so real! :D

  6. Yes, they do, don't they! Some angles just does the work. :) It felt good to be at the cottage, even if it was just for a while. That is a place, that gives me inspiration. And thanks! :)


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