World Doll Day

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I sometimes think about a story that my mother told me, when I was young. She lived with her mother and her grandmother, both working hard. It was not far to the second world war and my mother was a little girl. She thought that she lived well and she was happy with the few toys she had. Now she had got a new toy. A simple doll, from the early 1930's. I do not remember seeing photos of the doll, but we all can imagine how one could look like. 

My mother took this doll, walked across the busy street to the neighbor and gave the doll to the girl living in the house on the other side of the street. 

I do not know what happened with the doll. Maybe the girl got to keep it, I do hope so. 

Today it is "World Doll Day". For some years ago, while being politically active I was helping to pack and send clothes to Moldavia. Our two daughters wanted to send something too, so they picked up two dolls from their own collection, brushed their hair, dressed them and we put these in nice plastic bags and between the soft clothes. I wrote a personal note to the receiver and asked her to find some girls in the need of dolls. We put even other toys in the package, soft teddies and so on.

Last year there was an exhibition nearby my town, with Barbies and other dolls - to mark the meaning of a doll in someones life. Some years ago they had a local exhibition at the library, with dolls from local collectors. These things mark the good thing in being able to play with dolls, not depending on your own age. The doll may be a bridge between ages, people and cultures. 

And we should never miss out on taking the opportunity to share this! Happy World Doll Day!


  1. What a great idea to donate some dolls also!
    Happy Dolly Day!

    1. I think so too! :) Hope you had a lovely Dolly Day!

  2. Awww how nice from your girld to donate dolls too, that's so sweet of them. And your mom giving her own doll to neighbours girl, the must've been happy!

    I didn't know about Dolly Day at all! Too bad, it would've been great to participate in this event. Late happy Dolly Day to you and all of the dolly people! :)

    1. Thanks! The girls really wanted to contribute and on their last trip with the church, they took some soft toys along to give to the kids living at an orphanage. They really enjoyed the moment bonding with the kids over some toys.

      Gladly this Dolly Day is something that happens every summer! :) Hope you had a happy Dolly Day!

  3. I had no idea this day even existed x.x!!! Love your stories :D!!!
    I had so many dolls when I was little, but they were all destroyed by my sister little by little hahaha XD

    Your girls are so nice!! I don't think I would have done that when I was little.

    1. I love to share my stories, thanks! :)

      I had just some dolls when I was a little girl. A Sindy and one Barbie. Had some cars and a lot of LEGO. The cars I gave to my sister's son, when he was little. Have one tractor left. The dolls I gave to my daughters when they started to have an interest in dolls of this kind.

      And, haha, our younger daughter was a little rough on the dolls and broke ones neck. I glued it and said that let's pretend she had an neck surgery. The girls took it rather calm, even if the older one was a bit angry. It was her first doll, a Bratz. This doll is still going strong. :)

  4. Happy World Doll Day!

    I always love hearing family stories like yours! :)

  5. I love dolls so much because of my mother and her relationship with her dolls. I love collecting dolls of all ethnicities too. I often wonder what she would think of ball-joint dolls.

    1. That is lovely! <3 I think that she would liked ball-joint dolls, there are so many different kind so she would have found her favorites.

      My mother, when she got older, started to collect gnomes. My grandmother's cousin had a relationship to dolls, she bought always one on her trips. I like those new dolls that Barbie has - different sizes and ethnicities. Have only seen a few over here.

      My mother in law has some smaller dolls, but mostly she has stuffed cute animals of all kind. With names! And she is soon to be 97 years.

  6. Hi Niina,
    I was never into dolls until I retired, always a teddy bear collector though. Also have made many, sold a lot and donated several to different charities.

    Your story is very touching and although I have heard of World Doll Day, I was never sure when it Happy Doll Day to you (be it a little late).

    1. Hello and thanks! It is always nice to hear stories and even tell some. I have always been interested in dollies, but it is just some years ago I took and started my collection and hobby. I have more time now, when the kids are older. :) Hugs!


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