The Tale of Peter Rabbit Barbie Doll

The story of an English writer, illustrator, natural scientist and conservationist Helen Beatrix Potter (1866 - 1943) has always been one of my favorites. Her life, born into a privileged household and being so talented in watercolors, is in a way different when it comes to women at that time. But even she had difficulties along the way, trying to get a book printed. She was deeply influenced by fairies, fairy tales and fantasy. Her first book was about a rabbit, named Peter, and his adventures. 

On 1st january 2001, to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Beatrix Potter’s children’s story "The Tale of Peter Rabbit", Barbie releases a collector edition of their doll. She is dressed in a light blue jacket with yellow details and a skirt with images from the book. Barbie has a long blond hair and a light blue ribbon decorates her hair. The doll came with a little storybook, totally cute.

When I was a little girl, Barbie was a big thing. Today, as an adult, I have never thought that I would collect or buy a Barbie - but who am I to not to change my mind?

My daughter bought an used digital camera on a shopping site called Tradera. It can be compared to eBay. After that I thought I just would take a look - and see what I found! 

A Barbie! I had to order her and she arrived two days later, on the same day we drove to my mother in law and the cottage, for our Autumn vacation. I took some photos there.

And now to the box opening and some other photos. Enjoy and happy weekend!

Scissors ready!
The cutest rabbit ever.
A happy face, certificate and a book.
Barbie in her box, getting out...
In the rain, at our cottage.
Her skirt is just adorable.
Windy, cold and rainy. As it has been on this day, for almost 17 years back - some statistics
from my hubby.

By the lake.

The last leaves, snow is on the way.

I love the mild colors.
She is a bit different to photograph compared to BJD and MH.

Her light blue shoes.


  1. I really enjoyed reading about the origin of this Barbie. I didn't know they had released a Barbie in honour of the Peter Rabbit stories. I remember reading those too when I was a kid.

    Like you, I never thought I would collect Barbie dolls as an adult but I have to say, Barbie has evolved a lot since I was a young girl and it's lovely to see what they are doing with that brand now.

    Congratulations on getting her. She is quite pretty and I love her outfit. The colours are a lovely shade and go really well with her.

    I have to admit, I wouldn't mind some cold, wind and rain over our neck of the woods. It's been hot here but then again, we're in summer right now so it's to be expected.

    Lovely photos. I really love the very autumn coloured backdrop to these. That last photo reminds me a little of Cinderella losing her slippers!

    1. Thank you! I am very glad that I got her and Potter’s stories are wonderful and I think the most of us have seen or read some of those wonderful tales.

      In the beginning I was just happy with my one and only BJD, but as we all know these collections can grow and get wider. I had just a plan to keep it to the collections I have. But haha on me! I know that there is another doll in this collection with light brown hair and pink clothes. Hope to find her one day too.

      I was so glad that she arrived before we drove off to the cottage. i really wanted to take some photos in the nature with all the leaves and the lake. She has so mild colors, so I thought that the autumn colored backgrounds would go well.

      Right, you have summer now - maybe we could swap some weather, lol! :D

      Haha, I thought so too - Cinderella losing her slippers. :D

  2. I love this Barbie and didn't knew that they had released her at all! I'm not a fan of Barbie, to be honest, but I loved this edition.

    So much congrats on getting her! I also hope you had a great time at your mother in law's.

    1. Thank you, Musume! I am glad that I got her. Then, while searching, I found that they had released one in 1997 too. So, now I have that one on my list! :D
      And we are enjoying our time at my mother in law. She has so much stories to tell from her early days. She is 97 years old and still going strong.

  3. I remember watching cartoons based on her books, when I was a kid :D
    I remember how much I loved them. This bring backs memories!
    The Barbie is so pretty! And great photos :D

    1. I remember that too - the "Tales of Beatrix Potter" was on air almost every Christmas, together with "Ivanhoe". It really brings back memories.
      And thanks, she really is pretty. Even on a cold, windy, rainy day.

  4. Ahh, Peter Rabbit is so cute x3 I always loved the illustrations~
    The barbie is also very pretty, I like her pastel color scheme~

    1. He sure is a cute rabbit! This combo is a good one and she will be a joy to have among my dollies!
      Potter had very good watercolor skills - would love to have just a little bit of that.

  5. Barbie does some amazing limited editions, this one is amazing! had no idea it existed.
    So glad that after all those years it found the way to you!

    1. 15 years. I was a bit mind blown there! O_o True, Barbie does some amazing limited editions. Saw some at Toys r us once. Non for sail, though. These dolls were just on display. Beautiful work and nice to see.
      Thanks, I'm glad too! :)

  6. I love your story about this Barbie. ^^ And I completely understand how you can change your mind about something, I've done that too. I love her, she's beautiful! Super big congratulations! ^__^

    1. Thank you so much! It's a bit like when the right one comes in ones path... :)

  7. Hi Niina,

    Oh I love Beatrix Potter stories and I have the DVD of her life story, which I might add gets regularly viewed. I have also made several pieces of doll clothing with Peter Rabbit fabric, it's so cute. See here:

    Your photos are so wonderful and Barbie's face up is so pretty. She actually looks great in that dress and jacket, but I'm afraid you still can't tempt me. I doubt if I will ever own one, they really are not my cup of tea.

    Big hugs,

    1. Hello Xanadu and thanks!
      There is something special with the stories by Beatrix Potter. I think that we all have some kind of relation to it and memories around it.
      Visited your cute shop and the Peter Rabbit dress you have made is so, so wonderful! I wish we had such fabrics over here.
      Yes, isn’t she pretty! I never thought I would buy a Barbie, but then this one just found her way to me. At the moment I do not know if there will be more or if she is going to be the only one. But if I know myself well, there will be some more…
      Big Hugs <3


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