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New Esther

There she was, sitting infront of me with those sleepy eyes and that little damage on her upper lip. I looked at her, for several days, wondering, if I should or if I should not. It was in a way a Shakespearian moment, to do or not to do.

Goals and hopes

This new year is only 4 days old. Or maybe I should say young. Every time a new year comes, one have hopes and dreams. You make goals and you have the intention to really make them this time. Last year was a little wishy-washy when it came to my goals, that I never put down in writing. This time I want to keep my goals simple.
Painting When I went to my counselor, we often talked about art, exhibitions and how much I missed painting and what it made me feel. I have always enjoyed to paint and even to look at art. So one goal is to start to paint again - it can be art journaling, bible journaling, doodle in the margins or make a painting in any size. And keep it going.
Crafting Cross stitching, crocheting, knitting and making tiny clothes for my dollies. If so, just something simple. 
Reading Books! I could swallow a book a day in my younger days. No matter the amount of pages. So, to start reading again, if so in baby steps. My concentration is totally a mess and I need to remind myself…