Those tiny dolls?

Polly on adventure, summer 2017.
It is late evening over here and the rain is making some drip-drop sounds on the window. I visited some doll shops and noticed new arrivals. One of these new arrival is a Bebe-Doll, just 14,5 cm (5.7") and I fell totally.

Such a cute and delicate face, with so so adorable details in hands, feet and body. It comes even in two other, ready to go, full package. And limited editions, of course. I'm glad that there is one ordinary, without limits, to buy. I have her on my wishlist now. 

And of course I started to wonder about good things and not so good things with those tiny ones. The pros, that I can see after playing with my hybrid Disney's Animators' doll with the obitsu-body, is that these tiny ones are easy to have along, they are not so expensive, take a little place and it is easy to make/find props to them.

Polly is my smallest doll, if I do not consider my mini Lalaloopsy. She is fit to come along in my bag, in my pocket and are light to carry around. She poses easily with the obitsu-body (11 cm, 4.3") and is a cute piece of fun. 

The cons are not so many (do you have any on mind?) - it is the clothing. I feel that it is harder to sew for this little girl, compared to the other dolls I have. It works and you get the best result when sewing by hand, even if it hurts my hands. 

Well, this Bebe-Doll would be a fairy friend, with her own story, to my Mokashura Noomi.

Ah, dreaming is fun.


  1. Hi Niina,
    I do so agree with you that the wee dolls are very convenient to take along in a pocket or handbag and can look exceptionally cute in very simple surroundings. However, I find them so easy to dress too, just using up scraps of fabric and lace. Like yourself, I do hand sew their costumes and really enjoy it, for me it's a bit like knitting, in as much as I can do it sitting in my big arm chair in front of the tele at night . . . very relaxing.

    Reading between the lines, I gather you have arthritis in your hands, so I understand it's not so easy for you.

    Your DA looks cute on the obitsu body, it would certainly give her more posing positions, I might try it with the tiny one I have down the track. :)

    1. Hello!
      You have a point there, it is relaxing to sit and knit, watch a favorite show on TV or listening to a book. Scraps and lace do work to make clothes for these tiny dolls, but as you wrote - I have problems with my hands.

      My grandmother, on my mother's side, had arthritis and it was really bad in the end. So far the doctors have said that I have carpal tunnel syndrome and one easy surgery would do the trick. But I am not so keen on that, it is scary. I have been doing handcrafting (knitting, crocheting, cross stitching) since I was a teenager, so it is hard when those things gives pain. But as long as I do a little bit each day, it is OK. I have even a pain killer (spray) that gives relief.

      Thank you, I am really happy that I bought the obitsu body. It gave so much and the posing are so much easier. :)


    2. Niina that op is so simple now, just day surgery and as long as you do as your surgeon tells you, you will recover quickly and then wonder why you ever put off getting it done. I had mine done years ago and my hubby has had both his hands done more recently, one at a time, six months apart and we are so happy with the results, no pain and no sleepless nights anymore.

    3. Oh, they (doctors and those who have done the op) tell me that too. I had an appointment for a surgery in 2001 (gosh, time goes by so fast) but the chicken in me took over. I have been thinking about this since then and I may talk to my doctor or nurse next time I have an appointment, in January. I feel I must...

  2. The Bebe is adorable, and I like the bunny-ear-like headdress :-). I don't have much experience yet with hand sewing, except for sleeves, which for me isn't easy either because I sew very uneven, it always looks sloppy on the inside lol! Polly is super cute! I love the tiny accessories too, the target and bow are perfect for her!

    1. She really is adorable and the headdress is totally cute, made my heart melt.

      Sewing by hand can be hard at times, especially in the beginning. I try to 'copy' sewing machine, but that takes time. But who's in a hurry, lol!

      I really like Polly, she is a Disney's Animators doll Merida from the start. It is her horse Angus and the target + bow came along the box I bought. :)

  3. Congrats then!! I agree with you: the tiny dolls are so fun, as everything is a prop to them, and one can take fun photos so easily!

    1. She really is a cutie and I hope that I can order her in a nearby future. You have a good point there - everything can be a prop for these dolls and they do not take so much space. It would be simple to make a diorama too and take photos. It gives more, in a way.

  4. I adore small dolls, but somehow I feel much more mesmerized by the SD size. It was a clever idea to make a hybrid of your Animator's Doll though. I seem to remember there was a small problem, right? I can't remember exactly what though.
    I love the Animator's Dolls, but I will try to steer clear of them. XD

    1. There it is - it is so right, it felt like an eye opener. Adore small dolls - mesmerized på big dolls, that is the feeling. Finally I got some words for the feeling I have.
      And right, the body that Polly (Merida) had, was a simple body, not so much I added an obitsu 11 cm body instead. Works wonders and she is so much more fun now. And the other problem - these tiny Animators are to cute! DIsney Store has them - a lot of them! And the bigger ones are adorable. I tried to stay away, but that did not go so well. :D

  5. I love that you did this hybrid. She looks so cute. I love tiny dolls although I must admit that I wasn't always of this mind. When I started collecting my bjds, I went in convinced that I would only be buying SD dolls and nothing else. However after I got my cute little Pukifee Mio, I found myself really smitten with her and as you said, they are much lighter (especially the vinyl dolls!) and easier to take with you and take quick snaps when you're out and about and I agree on the props. So many props for small sizes especially if they can work well with 1/12 scale as that seems to be really popular right now.

    I've also noticed that when I show people my bjd collection, they seem to gravitate towards the tiny dolls rather than the big dolls. Sometimes I wish I could turn back time with the knowledge I have now and start my bjd collection over. I think I might have stuck with MSD as my biggest size dolls and go no taller than that.

    1. Thank you, I am happy with the results of this little hybrid. I was not sure in the beginning and there is a little skin color difference, but that does not show so much when she has clothes on. These tiny ones are so cute and I have seen several lati dolls and even obitsu 11 with different heads, when searching and stalking dolls on pinterest and so. And pukifees too.

      Interesting that most tend to gravitate towards the tiny ones, but maybe it is the cuteness, easier to handle and the positive side-effect with those quick snaps and props!

      I am used to the Barbie-sized dolls, so in a way I was surprised over the fact the I did not order a 12” model doll as my first BJD. But you can always learn new things and start new collections!


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