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Somersaults of life

Well, we all know that feeling - we plan a thing or things, we prepare and we feel comfortable with the goals and hopes we have put on a list for the coming year. And when it comes to the day to revaluate and look back, we just hope that we made it. Did good, checked the list totally and feel like a new person. Grown, learned and ready for new goals and hopes.
But sometimes it is just ”meh” we meet in the end of that list with goals and hopes. 
I had five small goals and even if I did all of them - painting, crafting, reading, photographing and bonding with my dolls - it still feels like I did not do a thing. I did paint, mostly journaling and some tiny canvas paintings, but I did not keep it going as I would have loved to do. I did crafting, mostly crocheting, small tiny things, shawls and boots for the dolls. Reading, yes, a book a or two. Have one going on now. So, that is good. Photography - yes, took a lot of photos during the year, but have not posted so many on Flickr or Insta…