Somersaults of life

An old, but Christmassy photo of Noomi.
Well, we all know that feeling - we plan a thing or things, we prepare and we feel comfortable with the goals and hopes we have put on a list for the coming year. And when it comes to the day to revaluate and look back, we just hope that we made it. Did good, checked the list totally and feel like a new person. Grown, learned and ready for new goals and hopes.

But sometimes it is just ”meh” we meet in the end of that list with goals and hopes. 

I had five small goals and even if I did all of them - painting, crafting, reading, photographing and bonding with my dolls - it still feels like I did not do a thing. I did paint, mostly journaling and some tiny canvas paintings, but I did not keep it going as I would have loved to do. I did crafting, mostly crocheting, small tiny things, shawls and boots for the dolls. Reading, yes, a book a or two. Have one going on now. So, that is good. Photography - yes, took a lot of photos during the year, but have not posted so many on Flickr or Instagram by the way. Had some good moments during the summer time, but not much after. Bonding with the dolls - not so much until late October. Just cleaned some of my MH and EAH dolls and started to make wigs and repaint the dolls’ faces. Still have a feeling to let some go, but a piece of me is listening to my hubby. "Give them a chance. It will come."

It will be some kind of rebuff on this. Or as we call it in Sweden, "bakläxa". It is time to learn that lesson again and do the homework properly. Or maybe I am just a bit harsh on myself.

Enjoy the week that is going on! It is snowing over here, a lot! But it will probably rain away, before some new snow comes.


  1. Noomi is so adorable in that picture, like she is every time. <3

    I quit making lists or goal things. Becouse I just can't follow them. I made the inktober in instagram which made me happy, becouse I've thought about it many times. That was the only thing I could do. :P I should learn not to participate on continous things if I have to make it every day it becomes really difficult. Don't know how to explain it.

    It doesn't cost you anything to keep the dolls. :) They are pretty as they are, and you can always just admire them and do things later then when you're ready.

    1. Thank you so much, she is an adorable little (but heavy) girl. I have grown to love her.

      I understand what you mean. I have same thoughts from time to time, and wonder if I really should do these lists or participate in different challenges. In one way it is time taking and it is easy to just drop it och forget it. At the other hand, it can be something that keeps you focused (I sure do need that) and in a way active. A journal, with things to do, may be easier. You can plan for yourself and check when you have achieved a goal.

      Absolutely, it does not cost me a thing to keep my dolls. I really care for all of them, but at times it can feel overwhelming.

  2. Hi Niina,
    Well good on you, you managed to do the things you had listed, maybe not as often as you would have liked, but you still did them all the same. :) Me ... I just don't do lists at all anymore. Lists only makes me feel pressured and I am much happier without that feeling of having to do something. I simply enjoy doing what I feel like, when I feel like.

    I do understand the "let's move some on" episode you had during your bonding time, but just be sure that's not just a knee jerk reaction or you may regret it later.
    Big hugs,

    P.S. Noomi looks wonderful in her red dress, and I love those eyes!

    1. Hello! Thank you - I did the things on my little list, absolutely, but sometimes it just feels that I should have done it more or engaged, instead of just doing it. As I wrote to Xaya, a little journal with goals and with no deadline would feel better. There is a very good point in enjoying things you like, when ever you like. :) Maybe I should go with that flow? :D

      As I say to my husband, when it comes to decisions (all kinds) in life, it is better ’sit still in the boat’. Let the water calm down, the fog vanish and the silence arrive, then you see things more clearly and that is when you take your decisions. So far it has worked.

      Noomi really has big eyes! When I received her, that was what I saw through the bubble wrap and other plastic wrap. Intense, dark blue eyes. The other day I saw that she may need new lashes. A mini project for 2018, I believe.


  3. Red is her colour! She's adorable.

    I never make goals anymore, they're more like plans or "hopeful things to do during the year". I'm actually about to post up my own year in review shortly.

    It sounds like you met quite a lot of your plans for the year. And it doesn't matter if you didn't keep up with something or other. Life happens. We get busy, other things pop up that require our attention. It's perfectly okay. That's life.

    I often get like that with dolls too, thinking maybe I should let a few go but my husband is like yours. He tells me something similar. Especially when it comes to repainting the dolls. These things take time and i won't perfect it overnight.

    You never know, the dolls might surprise you. A bolt of inspiration can hit you from out of nowhere and you will feel revitalised again with the MH and EAH dolls.

    1. I can agree, red is her color! Thanks!

      Ha, should name my lists for ”wishful thinking” or something like that. Or have a list to pick from without any must and need. A year is a rather short time, especially when it takes over and other things pop up, as you say, needing ones attention. I need to let that be okay. A hard piece to take and let go.

      I have a couple of cuties that I wonder about. It is Venus McFlytrap, Apple White and Reven Queen. I have plans to do something new with them. I have some materials at home, so that I can play and have fun. Just let things go, and have fun. And then I need to do something with Briar Beauty and her hair. :D

      I think we should listen to our husbands. :D They know us well, so there is a point in what they say, I think. And my dolls have often surprised me. Better start to listen a bit more. :)

  4. Loved that instant photo edit you made! I think you did a lot of goals, actually, so congrats on that!

    And I agree, you should wait and not rush to sell dolls. The inspiration will come, and they'll eventually tell you everything about them :D

    1. Thank you, used a new homepage I found for editing photos, that works with my thoughts when it comes to editing. Simple and clear. There is something special with instant photos, growing up with these kinds of cameras and photos.

      Agree, no rush. The inspiration will come but sometimes I do not have the patience. :D

      But as my kids say: ”Patience is a virtue”.

  5. She is adorable... Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year.

    I think sometimes a little break is all we need and sometimes it is good to push through. Just do what you think is good right now, everything else will fall in place at some point. I tend to be hard on myself too, but maybe that is a goal for 2018 to just enjoy the hobby with less "ifs"... <3

    1. Thank you and hopefully your holidays went well!

      So true, a little break and maybe give those other hobbies a change. I usually like to read and paint, so I should not be too hard on myself and just enjoy without any "ifs" - very well said by you! It really is the best way!


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