Just a little mixed post

Our pumpkins. Photo by my oldest daughter. She, her sister and friend made them.
Foggy morning, cold as in a freezer.
Sky is on fire!
Halloween is long gone and there are just a couple of weeks left of November. Time is really going by fast. Said to my husband today, that it was not so long ago it was summer and now it is dark, cold and snow in the air. The last weeks have been rather busy - family, work, school and other appointments. Or as I say, "too much monkey business".

Some of the gifts.
In the green little gift I found a tiny Merida and a cute new friend!
And that is why it was such a joy to receive a wonderful parcel from Alasse. It was filled with so much cute things - it really felt good to just explore this parcel and enjoy the things I found. So, thank you! Just to pick some of the things in the box - a tiniest tiny Merida doll, a chair for a doll, candy, some clothes for my Pure Neemos, pens and erasers (cute as can be) and two Monster High Dolls to practice face ups on. A great idea and generous too!

Yes to legit, no to recast.
And today, on the 19th November, it is the #proBJDArtists and I took a photo of my "new" star. Well, just the head is new - a Dollmore Zihu. More about her later on, in another post. When it comes to this day, you can as a collector show your support through buying legit dolls. The artists put a lot of work, love, tears, blood, sweat and make originals just for you. Theft is wrong, in any way. It is just hurtful for the artists. This new head did not cost so much, but I had to save for it and then I waited for two months. She is an original, she has an certificate and she is made by an artists, just for you and in this case just for me.

Have a wonderful new week ahead!


  1. Those pumpkins look so utterly cool. I'm glad the parcel arrived safe and sound to you. I was really shocked at how fast it got to you though!

    I'm looking forward to reading more about your beautiful little Zihu. Sometimes I think she reminds me of a younger Hee-ah (given they are created by the same artist, I guess that's understandable!)

    It's always good to see the artist support during these events.

    1. Thank you, those pumpkins brightened up the street for many days, until something - someone decided to have a snack. The tiny bird steps in the snow gave us a hint. :)

      I can agree, that was a fast deliverance! I have sent letters, packages, parcels - and some have taken longer time to closer places, even in the country. But it was a happy surprise!

      Yes, she does, doesn’t she - look like a younger Hee-ah! And that is right, it is the same artists, Gu Mi-jeong.

      It is - have been browsing on Instagram under the tag. So much support!

  2. I'm loving the pumpkins, the one one the right definitely has a little spark on his teeth! :D Does people in Sweden celebrate Halloween? I feel like it's a new thing here, so I've not quite caught it yet even tough I do like the pumpkins, withces and all. :)

    What a generous gift you got! I love the little Merida and clearly the little reindeer friend is helping you to set up some Christmas later on. ^__^

    Your Zihu is so cute? Does she share a body with someone? She is such a cute girl.

    So lovely to always see your ordinary life, the photos from your neighbourhood. I hope you'll have a bit of snow, it'll ligth things up. :) Do you usually put up some winter/Christmas lights? We tried, but it didn't stick on the window frame so we'll have to think of something else. :D

    1. Thank you, I like the little spark on his teeth too. Perfect candle light spark. Halloween has started to grow as a holiday over here, but it is not so big as the other holidays - like Christmas, Easter and Midsummer. The stores, grocery to toy stores do have extra spooky things for sale. Then there is disco dancing, scary movies to see and most places decorate nicely. The trick and treat part is not so common. Every Halloween there are some kids that dress up and go door to door. Once some older ones were dressed and *spooked* around the neighborhood.

      Yes, indeed - that little reindeer friend will sure help me decorate for Christmas! :)

      Thanks, she is really cute! I really do like the Dollmore Zihu and at the moment she is sharing Esther’s body. That works nicely.

      I was once active in a group (bloggers) where you could post photos from your own neighborhood, city, town and other sightseeings so that others could ”travel” and learn. It was fun and there are so many places around the world, So it was a great way to share and connect. I have had some thoughts of sharing more ordinary life photos and from the neighborhood. Not sure how yet.

      One of our neighbors have already put their Christmas lights up. it looks so cozy and warm. Lights up during the evenings and nights, when it is so dark. I have lights that I try to put up around the first Advent. We have a tiny bush that can easily hold tiny lights. One year I twisted the lights around the porch. Hope that you can figure it out and enjoy the lights in some way.

      We got some snowflakes during the night, not so much - but enough to brighten things up. And we had -7 degrees this morning. Not much, but rather cold in November.

  3. Hi Niina,
    It does look so cold where you live, I'm glad summer has arrived here. Is that other photo a sunset or sunrise? It's beautiful.

    Alasse does send great gifts, I'm glad you are enjoying yours. I completely missed the 19th as I haven't been on the computer as much due to knitting like crazy. Seeing your lovely Zihu reminded me I still need to do a faceup on mine, naughty me.


    1. Hello! It is rather cold here now. We got some snow yesterday and more is on the way, they say. And the second photo is a sunrise. Some cold and clear mornings it can be rather amazing art in the sky. And it last just some minutes.

      She really does, it is a joy. :) And knitting is fun, even if I am not so good at it. My dad did the best to learn me. Hope to see your cutie soon, with a face up!

      Hugs! <3

  4. It is true that the year went by so fast, I still feel like in Halloween D:
    I loved your pro-artist photo!!

    1. It sure still does feel like Halloween! :D Slowly the pumpkins are changed to Christmas lights!
      Thank you, had to think little fast and paint a sign. But it ended up very nice. :)

  5. The sunrise looks amazing! Beautiful colors!
    November is now almost gone and so is 2017. That is so unreal xD
    Great pro-Artist picture. I think it is important to support the artist who made this hobby possible! <3

    1. Thank you! Some mornings it can be so beautiful. The last days have been rather gray and foggy, typical November over here.
      And yes, very unreal, it is soon to be 2018 - do not know how this happened.
      I am so grateful for the artists and the work they put in this hobby. :)

  6. I forgot that it was Artists Day on the 19th November, I had every intention of doing a photo of all my dolls with their banner of support....but I forgot!!! Maybe next year I will remember!
    Congratulations on your new girl, she's very pretty. I love Narsha and her friends.

    1. That is one easy thing to do, I forgot one year too. But there is always next year and the support we give by buying legit is big too!
      Thank you, I really do love Narsha and her friends too. She is in the right size, even if I have been looking at both larger and tinier dolls. :)

  7. PS love the carved pumpkins too :)

    1. Thank you, this Halloween we really made them look nice. Last year we had just one, and it was so little.


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