Happy Halloween!

Halloween has not been a holiday over here in Sweden for so long, just a couple of decades. It came originally from USA, through immigrants from Ireland, as a popular culture to us. In the beginning it was a fun feast for children, who dressed up to something in the theme of horror or death. Lately even the adults have started to dress up. From the 1990’s it has become a popular thing to celebrate. The English term ”trick or treat” has been translated into ”bus eller godis” - mischief or candy!

And from candy is not so far to sugar and from there we end up on ”Dia de los Muertos”, a day that is celebrated in central and southern Mexico during the chilly days of November 1st and 2nd. Even if this in one way collides with the Catholic holiday called All Soul’s and All Saint’s Day, some combine their beliefs with the ancient beliefs of honoring their deceased loved ones. Here in Sweden we celebrate that day on the 4th November this year. It is a church day, remembering them we lost, praying and lightning candles. The graveyards look so beautiful with all those lights in the darkness.

I do not celebrate Halloween, but I thought that I could take some photos of Esther, with a sugar skull face up. I have always like sugar skulls and think that there is something beautiful with it. So, I thought I could give it a try. Made her a new pair of eyes too, of FIMO Clay. It was fun and I learned a lot. These eyes are not in the perfect shape, but I do love the purple color. Next time I will make the eyes a bit more rounded on the top. 

Husband drove me to Hammarby Hytta, a place with an old foundry and a nature reserve. The foundry was active between the years 1858 and 1923. The nature reserve has a valley that is from the time before the ice age. It was sunny and chilly day, but so lovely to be outdoors.

Enjoy the new week, have a Happy Halloween and say welcome to November.


  1. We do also not celebrate Halloween. My sister lives in the Uk and they love Halloween over there. Here in Germany it kind of got trendy just in the last few years... But I love Halloween Doll photo shootings and so I really enjoyed your sweet Sugar Skull Girl. <3

    1. Thank you, Nana. :) I love the photo shooting too, and the light during the not so dark hours are just perfect when the sun is lower. And with the colors in the nature gives it a bit extra.
      Halloween is getting bigger each year. Mostly it is the kids that have parties, disco and dress up. I just try to do some fun things with and for my dollies. :)

  2. Hi Niina,
    It's interesting learning about other country's customs, and I so enjoyed reading about yours. Halloween has never really been an Australian tradition, though in recent years through television and the internet, it has certainly taken hold with the younger generation here.

    Hubby is not a big fan of Halloween, but I love any event where people can get dressed up, have fun and simply enjoy themselves.

    You did a great job of your Sugar Skull on Esther, and I would have had no idea those were Fimo eyes if you hadn't said. She looks so spooky in the last photo. :)

    1. Hello, there are some different customs for these holidays and I am always interested in reading and learning more. That makes me understand more about other cultures and traditions.

      Haha, my hubby is the same - he is not so keen on Halloween or Valentine's, by the way. But the oldest daughter really likes it - she had friends over yesterday, they ate, carved pumpkins and finally she made a horror make up. She had a scissor in her eye and blood on her face and white dress, looking all spooky. Last year she had a pen through her nose. Later in the evening she had some candles in the jack-o'-lanterns. Beautiful.

      Thank you, it was a bit of fun to try. I wanted to test to make some eyes with FIMO, just to test the process. It is different making "real" doll eyes, but for my own use, it can be a way to change the look a bit. And she sure does look spooky in the last photo. :D

      Hugs! <3

  3. That was an interesting read. Incidentally, my husband's birthday falls on the 4th November!

    We don't really celebrate Halloween where I live although other parts of Australia might but we don't get any trick or treaters in our neighbourhood. I actually forgot all about Halloween as it was also the day my brother told me he got engaged so that news kind of trumped everything else!

    I love Esther's Sugar Skill. You did such a fantastic job of it. You must have very steady hands to draw in all those details! And her eyes I look great. I never thought of using Fimo clay to do eyes. Are they baked in the oven or airdry?

    Have an awesome weekend!

    1. Thank you and happy belated birthday to your husband! And congrats to your brother getting engaged. That is very festive!

      It can differ, from time to time and place to place, when it comes to how many trick and treaters that come. This year it was just a couple of younger kids. Some years ago we had younger adults walking the streets - dressed up as Death, Skeleton and Ghost. Kids are cute, but these three scared me.

      And painting Esthers face up with that Sugar Skull was scary too. I had to pause for several times, because I did not want to slip, sneeze, drop or poke her face with the wrong color. The girls liked the result and I am glad to hear that you like it too. The older daughter started to tell me about the history behind the skull - she studies Spanish language and instead of just learning new words and texts, the class learns about Spanish things. Well, I am glad of the result and in the beginning I had thoughts to change it, but I think I am going to keep it like that for a while.

      Yes, Fimo clay works fine to do eyes. I used ordinary pens and acrylic color to paint the pupils and had some clear varnish to make the eye more "watery". But first I baked them in oven. Had a couple of test runs too.

      Enjoy the new week ahead!

  4. Lovely post, I do like your girls faceup, is she Narsha?
    We don't celebrate Halloween either but this year my husband surprised me with a very large 'glow in the dark' plastic skeleton! I'm not sure what he was thinking, but did hang it outside the door!!!
    Here in Spain the children have started to celebrate over the last few years, but it's still quite small here.
    Hugs Sharon

    1. Thank you, and yes, she is a Narsha Basic Sleepy, that I have modded a bit. :)
      Haha, owning a glowing in the dark things are fun! as long as these things do not scare you too much. Have had some tiny toys (well, the kids have had) and some can be scary.
      I think that other traditions, from abroad, can have a bit difficulties to settle in a country with their own traditions. But it is fun to see and learn.
      Hugs! :)


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