I was tagged by Lise, on Instagram, to do this FAQ. I decided to take it over to my blog and answer the questions here.

1. How old are you?
I am 46 years old. But I feel like 23. Haha!

2. What was your first BJD?
It was a Dollmore Basic Sleepy Narsha girl. 

3. When did you join the hobby?
I ordered my first doll in October 2011, but I had been searching for the perfect one about 4 years before that.

4. What is your grail doll?
Grail is an interesting word. At the moment I do not think that I have any bigger grails, but I do have hopes and wishes to someday buy a couple of different dolls. But it would not hurt to have a MiniFee Rin with cute glittery eyes, big ears and some cute animal feet. 

5. What is your dolls clothing style?
At the moment I feel that it is a bit dull. I would love to have some lace, pastels and layer on layer.

6. What do your loved ones think of the hobby?
They are very OK with it and at times even active in decisions, talks and happenings in the doll world.

7. Are you open about your hobby?

8. Do you have a preference for boy dolls girl dolls etc?
In the beginning, yes. Now, no. 

9. Do you have a size preference?
Yes, in the beginning I had and wanted to have just those smaller ones, but today I am open for discussion when it comes to larger dolls. I have found some beautiful dolls that would have been huge in my thoughts when I started in this hobby, but not today. 

10. How do your pets react to your dolls?
Sadly, I do not have any pets. 

11. What would you do if your spouse, friend or family member disapproved of your dolls?
It would make me a bit sad, because it is a part of me. And probably I would say something like "Oh, you don't say, you with your *insert a hobby or collectible*.

12. Emergency! Do you have a plan for your dolls?
Yikes! I would grab the boxes and dolls I can manage and run! I should have a plan of some kind. 

13. How do you feel about dolls as gifts?
I am OK with that, as long as it is not a really expensive dolls. That would give me anxiety. But Barbies, PureNeemos, some Blythes, Momokos and so on are OK. Even some smaller BJD's.

Really the nearest thing I have come to a story.
14. Do you write stories for your dolls?
Sometimes. Mostly just short thoughts around their personalities. I have written a couple of 'comics', that I have shared on this blog.

15. What is your favorite sculpt?
Narsha, Alex doll, Hee-ah.

16. What is your favorite company?

17. What is your most expensive doll?
It is my Mokashura Duyou doll, with face up and body blush.

18. What is your least expensive doll?
My first BJD.

Esmé, my favorite.
19. What is your favorite doll?
From the ones I own - it's a head, a Narsha Zihu. Never thought that would be it.

20. What are your other hobbies?
Toy Cars

21. Will you send me your doll?
No. Haha!

⛄   ⛄   ⛄

This was it, for now. If you want to join, then do!
Share it on your Instagram, blog or other suitable place. 


  1. Well I learn something new everyday Niina, although I was already aware of most of your answers, I didn't know you collected toy cars, how wonderful! That little pink Volkswagen is so cute and BTW I am not in the least surprised your Narsha Zihu has become your favourite.
    Big Hugs,

    1. Hello and yes, you learn something new everyday! I have collected cars since I was a little girl, but the big collection I had I gave away to my sister’s son. I think his son has it now, so that is a rather fun thing to think about. I have just one of those cars left in my collection, a yellow bulldozer with red details. The other cars I have at the cottage. Every summer I try to find some new ones, especially at the toy store named Paddington.

      Well, she is such a beauty, my Narsha Zihu. Who could not love her.


  2. You know, you're only as old as you feel in your heart I say.

    I hope you are able to post more photos of your toy cars. I was really excited to read you collect them too! I have amassed a modest collection. I really love the old vintage cars but they can get a bit pricey I've found. I love toy car photography.

    Your Narsha Zihu girl is so adorable. I've been eyeballing that one off and on for several years now. I don't own a Dollmore doll currently but I actually like their MSD dolls. Roo (the half closed eye version) was the one I fell in love with of theirs. Maybe I will get her at some point. I do love their aesthetic.

    What type of books and movies do you prefer? I tend towards fantasy these days although every now and then I don't mind a bit of urban fantasy to keep things fresh. I've started picking up the Star Wars Expanded Universe novels again.

    You know how much I love Memes. I'll probably end up doing this one too!

    1. So true! You are only as old as you feel in your heart. Forever young!

      Yes, those vintage cars can be rather pricey, so those I usually try to find a one that I really want. So far I have not had any luck. At the toy store, in a town called Kalmar, named Paddington, they have several cars in different sizes and models. They are new, but of old models. Even my youngest daughter bought one last summer, a red Volkswagen bus. She loves red things.

      There is something special with Roo. I do like the boy version, with those almost closed eyes and the Awakening version is not to bad either. I hope that you can get the girl at some point.

      When it comes to books and movies (and even series), I do like the exciting ones. Or as my hubby says ”you like the shooting ones”. I am a lot into things like ”Lord of the Rings”, ” Game of Thrones”, ”Criminal Minds”, ”Penny Dreadful”. Old classical movies like ”Gone with the Wind” mixed with ”Alice in Wonderland” and ”Die Hard”. And ”Star Wars”, ”Star Trek” and Woody Allen’s crazy drama too. I read a lot written by Elizabeth George, Stephen King, Conn Iggulden and a swedish writer named Henning Mankell. I have started to look after new authors with deeper stories, instead of these inspector-novels.

      I hope you do this one! Would love to read your answers!

  3. I like these kinds of posts and like you I've been tagged on Instagram so must get around to doing this too. I might put it on my blog too because it's easier on here.
    It was nice to learn a bit more about you Niina, I do like your little pink VW, a very cute photo!
    Hugs xx


    1. These kinds of posts are always fun to read and do, you learn more about yourself and others! Hope that you post your answers on your blog!
      Yes, it is a very cute car and I fell for it right away, when I saw it!

  4. I was a bit surprised. You're older than I assumed, but age is just a number and can really tell nothing about how a person is. :)
    It's interesting that you're more into smaller dolls, because I have found that I have a hard time bonding with dolls smaller than YoSD o:

    1. Haha, life is full of surprises! :D Sometimes even I get surprised and it hits me how fast time has gone by! Age is a hard thing to guess and it is just a hint of how one expect someone to be. :)
      Small dolls are cute and I just adore them, but there is an big interest in the taller ones. Just need to find the one it clicks with. :)

  5. This was so fun to read - thank you for sharing <3
    The toy car picture is really cute. I enjoy perspective photography a lot, where something small appears bigger than it actual is... do I make sense? :D
    I also took my time with my first doll, nearly 1 and a half years, but she was worth it

    1. Thank you 😊 and yes, you make sense. Tiny toys are perfect for perspective photography.
      Agree - it is worth the search in this hobby. Or I think 💭 in any hobby!

  6. This was so fun to read. I love getting to know people better with Q&As like this. :)

    1. Thanks! :) And yes, it is a really fun way to learn more about others and one self, too! :D


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