Saturday, March 24, 2018

Now it is too much...

On the road to Oslo, in Norway.
Strange metal skeletons in Oslo, Norway.
It has been a lot to figure out when it comes to all the paper work and after work, after my mother in law's passing. We just have an apartment to clean now and we will do that during the Easter holidays that are coming. Life was slowly getting into normal, as normal as it can be after these things. When we were on our way to Norway the other day for a little day trip, we got some sad news from my husband's cousin. 

My mother-in-law's, Anna's, sister Svea had passed away on 21st March, in the morning. I could not take that in and it broke me totally. I was sobbing and hugging the mobile phone for comfort and saying "no, no, no....". Could not understand.

We continued our trip, but felt like numb lost souls just floating. It was so surreal. We kept contact with my husbands cousin during the trip and he will arrange the funeral and we have promised to assist the way we can, if needed. 

Noomi's head, as seen on my Instagram
New lashes, bought by my daughters-
During the evenings I have been cleaning up my Mokashura Duyou doll, Noomi. Her lashes had in some way started to loosen and fall off, bit by bit. The eye lashes felt fragile and dry, so I thought that taking them off and putting in some new ones would be a thing to do. But the glue...the GLUE. It was glued with glue on glue and then the lashes, so I had some difficulties to get that sticky glue off. 

Oh well, it ended in a mess and then I was cleaning a doll head, that suddenly needed a new face up. So that is happening....and keeping me busy. Thought to share a review of her body and head some day soon.

Just wanted to let you know about the sad news and that we are OK. But it feels that it is too much now... 


  1. Dear Niina, I'm so sorry for your loss and the grief of you and your family. My dear brother-in-law (my sister's husband) passed away a couple of weeks ago as well, and so I understand your shock and disbelief very well. My heart is with you.
    I look forward to the new face-up of your lovely doll :-).

    1. Thank you so very much and sorry for your loss! It is always so hard when the near and dear leave us, you are never ready for it and it always brings grief and shock.
      I will share some photos of Noomi later on :)

  2. I'm sorry for your loss Niina <3 I wish all good for you and your family. Hugs.

    Loving your photos, metal skeletons are particularly interesting. And Noomi, sweet Noomi <3 lovely to see photos from your dolls. <3

    1. Thank you so much, Xaya, from all of us. 💕 Hugs back! Even if she had been sick during a short time, she was alert and happy. Her brother talked to her the evening before and she sounded just as usually. So, it is a hard thing to take, especially for him.

      Those metal skeletons was really interesting to see. Have never seen anything like this.

      Oh, little Noomi - have not had so much time for my dollies but hope to change that soon. She is such a cutie with apple cheeks. I do love her, even with the issues with a heavy head.

  3. Oh dear Niina, you are having quite a bad trot, I feel for you and hope that the future is brighter. I'm afraid as we are all getting older these things seem to come around far too often.

    Those skeletons are really weird, almost supernatural looking. Working on Noomi is probably a good thing for you to be doing right now, dolls are a wonderful distraction.
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you, and so true. These siblings, totally four of them, with my mother in law, her two sisters and one brother are in the same age born in the beginning of 1920's and have lived in the same way (farm life), All of them have been healthy and strong, but suddenly that just changed. Life is harsh and it never gets easy loosing a dear one. But it is inescapable. We always want them near, for ever and ever.

      The skeletons really looked like supernatural guards or something like that. Need to see if I can learn more about them, through a visit at Google....

      And yes, dolls are one of the best distraction. Keeps my mind on good things and I'm more focused on just that - face up, sewing, photographing or just pure playing.

      Big hugs!

  4. I am so sorry to hear about what is happening at the moment. My heart goes out to you and your family in this difficult time.

    It seems over in your part of the world, you come across some very unusual things like those metal skeletons. It's great to see things like that. The artistry of the piece is inspiring.

    Eyelashes are such a pain aren't they? Even after I put the ones in on my dolls I kind of wish I had just left them taped up but then the sticky residue from the tape would have been a mess to clean out in a few months time!

    Thinking of you.

    1. Thank you so much! It is really something hard to understand and make sense of. We all are numb, relatives and friends. The most of them know each other, so the thought of meeting them all again in these circumstances is really heartbreaking.

      It really is an inspiring artistry with the skeletons. I do like that there are a lot to see nearby. You do not have to travel far away just to enjoy sights and things worth seeing.

      And yes, eye lashes can really be something else. At some points I even could skip this part. Noomi's eyes are bigger, so in that way it was easier to put new ones on her compared to my two other dolls. So that was a great thing. Did not want to use too much glue, so I hope these eyelashes stay put.


  5. Dear Niina, I'm so very sorry for your loss, you and your family have had the most awful of times condolences to you my dear.
    Thank you for sharing the photos of your journey to Oslo, it looks very chilly but I do like the metal skeletons.
    Thinking of you xxx

    1. Thank you so much, dear Sharon. It has been a rough start on the year 2018. It is going to be a strange year too - nothing is the same, as we are used to. But a day at a time, it will be ok.
      It was a could day in Oslo, even my phone got frozen, so the photos I wanted to take, I could not. But I am glad that I found these metal skeletons. :)


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