Monday, April 30, 2018


How are you doing? I hope well. I have not forgotten you (will visit you soon) or my blog, but it has been a lot to handle the last few weeks. But we are doing rather good and Spring has arrived, finally. No snow, no chilly winds and no cloudy days. It has been sunshine almost every day during last week and this weekend. Good for those who celebrate Walpurgis, a feast for the eighth-century English Christian missionary Saint Walburga. Valborg, as it is called in Swedish, also marks the arrival of spring. The celebrations vary from place to place, but often there is a bonfire, choral singing and a speech to honor the arrival of the Spring season. It is a public event and nothing I have celebrated since I took my exams.

Beautiful box.
Something to celebrate and be happy about is a new friend in my collection, arriving all the way from down under. I got a gift from the lovely Alasse at The Wayward Inn, thank you so much. She wanted to cheer me up, bring some sunshine and put a smile on my face. So thoughtful and kind. In the package I found a beautiful box with a Made to Move Barbie, clothes and accessories (everything in the photos, but not the guitar - that I found at a grocery store, toy section). My mind went "oh, wow!" and my face was a mix of looking surprised and very happy (glad to have ears, or my smile had traveled around my head). Hubby, who met the postman at the door and took the package in, said that it was a beautiful and generous gift. I agree, totally, and it made my day. 

"So bright!"
Out of the box.
This doll has joints and can make the posing so much fun. Her articulation is spectacular and she is double jointed at both the elbows and the knees and have jointed ankles, thighs, upper arms and torso. But above all, she has personality. She feels like a dreamer, gazing some where else. It will be wonderful to learn to know her.

Sunshine, flowers and a little smile.
Hubby brought a larger cardboard box from work (he had his new work clothes in it and instead of throwing the box away, he thought I could use it) and my project (hopefully) this summer is to make a little room (two walls, one floor) for her. Probably the other dollies in her size will try to move in, who knows. I have been lurking on youtube to see different ways to make a room and I have several props that I can use. I have even thought that I could start in a different size, smaller one just for a try.

Look, joints!
Aha, that's on her mind - music.

Listening to music.
The flowers in one of the photos are named Chionodoxa, and are even known as glory-of-the-snow. We have several in our tiny garden and we usually call them Scilla. So, her name is Csilla. The name was invented by the 19th century Hungarian writer Mihály Vörösmarty, based on the words "csillag", meaning "star" and/or "csillog", meaning "it sparkles or shines". Csilla is even a character, a daughter, in a dramatic poem titled "Hábador" from 1826.


  1. I'm just so glad she was able to make you smile even if for a short little while. I love your photos of her. They are full of sunshine! Those bodies are really quite amazing aren't they for the Barbie line, quite clever actually to realise people want posing abilities in this day and age.

    I love the name you chose for her, it suits her and I love that you explained the meaning behind it. It's always interesting to read those facts you post on your blog. I love learning about other cultures and hearing the history of things is intriguing to me.

    And I am super happy the snow has melted at last!

    1. Thank you!
      And yes, these bodies are really great and it was about time! I remember the first Barbie I had, with stiff arms and those legs you could bend in the knee. The clicking sound and after several bends the legs did not work. It is an evolution.
      I try to find names for my dollies inspired by other things. I learn new things too, that way.
      Spring is in the air, seagulls have arrived and things bloom. The air is so soft and even when it rains, it feels good.

  2. PS. I am really excited about your room project and hope you can share some of the progress with us!

    1. So am I! Hope to share some of the progress with you. Collecting some (a lot) of info and inspiration from here and there. :)

  3. Csilla is lovely, what a beautiful present from Alasse! I look forward to seeing the room you will make! Made To Move dolls are so very well at posing aren't they, I love that they can even touch their faces! Enjoy the sunshine :-)!
    I didn't know what exactly Walpurgis was yet, so thank you for the information, it's always great to learn of other countries' Holidays :-).

    1. Thank you, and I agree - a wonderful gift! The posing of this doll is so great - a Barbie can touch her own face, looking natural.
      It will be fun to start a new project and hopefully it will end in some kind of joy and a good thing.
      I will enjoy the sunshine. It is well needed.
      Time goes by fast and I can not believe it is May and Walpurgis already! Nice to share something new to others, too!

  4. Oh my goodness what a lovely surprise gift, I'm sure it did bring a massive smile to your face...incidentally I did like your comment that you were glad you had ears and why!!
    Your weather sounds good, which is not what can be said about ours! Where has 'sunny Spain' gone? We were so chilly today that we were tempted to put the heating on again. I put sandals and a summer dress on, then had to add a denim jacket as I was so cold...not good!
    Anyway, back to your new girl, she has a pretty face, very serene looking and a nice wide mouth. I do like the new 'made to move' girls, they really pose very well, don't they.
    I look forward to seeing your room box once you get started on it :)
    Hugs Sharon x

    1. Indeed, a very lovely surprise gift that brought a big smile on my face. The sunshine came too, almost at the same time. Gave so much new energy and happiness. I just hope that the Spring will stay and slowly change to a nice and not so warm summer. Here and at your place. But those who know about weather tell me different. It is going to be cold….better keep that denim jacket and heating nearby. Over here, that is. :D
      She is a lovely girl and I agree, these dolls are so easy to pose.
      Wish me luck with the room! I look forward to make it, hope it goes well!
      Hugs! <3

  5. Congratulations on your new addition Niina! Isn't it lovely when pressies arrive out of the blue like that? Alasse is a very generous person and so thoughtful too. Like Sharon, I was very amused by your comment "glad to have ears, or my smile had travelled around my head", you can be such a character. :)

    I'm pleased the weather is beginning to warm up for you and that you finally see the sun shining. I am not looking forward to our winter.

    I enjoyed the photos you shared and shall look forward to seeing how you built your room box, I hope you will post photos along the way.
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you so much! It is really, really lovely with gifts just like that and she is so generous and thoughtful. Haha, that is something I use to say (with the ears) instead of just saying extremely happy. More fun. :D

      It feels so nice with better weather, even if it means that my allergies will get extra energy and make some days not so fun. The winter was no fun, so much snow and so cold. It was like a never-ending story.

      I have the box ready and will start to work on it pretty soon. But first a weekend at the cottage. I will post box-happenings along the way. :)

      Big Hugs! <3

  6. P.S. I forgot to mention . . . love the new blog header, it's perfect for spring!

    1. Thank you, wanted to make a little change! :)

  7. She is really lovely, and the photos you made are adorable!
    Also, I love the new design of the blog! :D

    1. Thank you so much, she really is!
      I wanted to make a little change, glad you like it!

  8. First of I love the new design! I think it is always a good inspirational boost to create and do something new.
    I am glad you found some happiness and good moments. Alasse is just a great friend! I am so happy to know so kind and lovely people in this hobby and world. I think this is important to remember, especially in more heavier times.
    I send you warm and springy hugs Niina <3

    1. Thank you so much and a little change can do a lot, give more energy and make one feel good!
      Could not agree more, it is wonderful with great friends and Alasse is one of them! :)
      The warm and springy hug came with sunshine and good weather too! Did some gardening at the cottage today and even took a swim at the lake. The water was ice cold, but it felt good afterwards.
      Sunny hugs back! :) <3

  9. What a great gift you got :) I like this season a lot. Everything is beautiful, the sun is shining, but it's not too hot. Ahhh.
    I hope you're doing well, dear!

    1. Yes, it was a great gift! :)
      May and a bit of June is wonderful, the sun shines, sky is blue and it is perfect (not too hot). Midsummer is always cold and after that there is a few weeks of too much hot and sweating buckets.
      Thanks, I am doing fine. Been a bit tired, but counting the days to summer vacation!


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