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A day in Kalmar

Not far from our cottage is the city named Kalmar, by the Baltic Sea. This city was one of the most important cities in the thirteenth to the seventeenth centuries, with the Kalmar Castle as a center, because of the fortified town. 
There is so much to see at this city and we often take a trip here. Some places are given to visit for us, like the toy shop Paddington and the castle. The town has several exhibitions, mostly at the castle and every year they host a medieval folk festival. At the castle you can experience the history and the tales from many years back. As an example we have the Kalmar Bloodbath, on July 1505, when the public execution of the town's mayor, city councillors and a handfull or the leading burghers happened. This was a retaliation for assisting the Swedes in retaking the city of Kalmar from the Danes in 1503. 100 years later there was a war between Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It was a wild time, but today it is so much calmer. Just a nice industrial city …

Noomi, a Mokashura Duyou.

Noomi is my third doll from the doll company Dollmore. I ordered her in September 2014 and she arrived in the end of that year. It felt like a rather short wait, or maybe I just had gotten used to the wait after the earlier doll orders. 
When I saw this doll at the first time, I thought that it was a doll in the size of Lati Yellow and similar. The last photo on the company's page said the opposite. Suddenly it was a huge doll. So, in some seconds I changed my mind. But I could not get her cute face of my mind and those adorable eyes just etched deep into my soul. After some thinking, looking at box openings, reading reviews on different sites - I took another decision. I ordered her with a face up, body blushing, clothes, shoes and two wigs. I went all in. And then I lived with an empty wallet. 
She came one early morning, the mailman said he was sorry and I stood there in my pajamas and my hair looking like a wild bird nest. I took the heavy box, went to my bed and started to s…

A little throwback

It is Thursday, so a throwback could be nice. I found two girls sitting on a book shelf in our living room and I started to wonder who long it was since I played with these two. Had to go back to my Instagram too see and I was amazed about the time. It was in April 2015. Three years.
Well, these two were my first dolls that I tried my so called skills on re-paint, face up and even material. I remember that I was waiting for the first sealant to arrive and I was so ready to do this. It was fun, I learned a lot.
The first doll is a Bratz, the one to the left. Originally she was a Bratz Yasmin, with those darker features and a beauty mark under her left eye. She was one of the dolls my daughters could give away, as long as she stayed here at home. The other one is Elyon, a character from the W.I.T.C.H comic series. The girls liked the comic serie and had their favourites. They watched the series many times and even had the books and comics to read. Well, it was mostly we as parents who …